I almost asked a doctor today

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It’s not the mental health call I’ve been putting off, but it was a step. In truth, it was just clicking a few links in having it autofill a form for me online, but it was something. I did something.…

I almost asked a doctor today

It’s not the mental health call I’ve been putting off, but it was a step. In truth, it was just clicking a few links in having it autofill a form for me online, but it was something.

I did something. As of 6:00 p.m. today, that’s something has yielded no results, like a call back but it might still. Online healthcare is no doubt as busy as in person healthcare.

I’m not positive that someone over the phone will be able to diagnose and potentially solve my problem, but at the very least they might be able to tell me whether or not it’s serious enough to care, or whether my usual practice of ignoring it until it goes away will suffice.

As the comedians joke constantly, looking up symptoms online yields an awful lot of variable results all we starting with cancer and death as options for everything from a runny nose to a broken finger.

In other words, useless.

What I contacted is an actual healthcare professional service that supposedly will call me back and talk to me on the phone live and then offer some form of recommendation I suspect. I’ve never done it so I don’t know exactly what to expect. I do expect a call back at some point though otherwise the service seems as useless.

I’ve had this ailment before and although I don’t remember the specifics, my best guess is that I ignored it in it eventually went away. As is my way.

But as I get older, and a little bit more worrisome of my health, I decided to seek out a second opinion. Especially in these days post covid. It’s a respiratory issue and although it is not serious now and almost ignorable, it has gotten worse rather than better in the past week.

It’s probably one of the more humorous ailments out there. It’s a musical issue. When I exhale, my respiratory system plays a little tune. It started off as one or three notes but has escalated to a bar or two of musical whistling that happens at the end of almost every exhale when I’m in a laying down position.

I don’t notice it at all when I’m up and active and working, but every night has my posture changes, it’s returns with every exhale. A little nose flute concerto that doesn’t come from the same place as my exhale but deeper inside my head.

I’m not entirely searching but a recording will even pick it up and I haven’t tried. I suppose the test of that will be when the physician calls. It’s quite possible they will recognize it from my description but if they want to hear me breathe I don’t think there’s a stethoscope app in the Play store.

Who knows. They’re actually may be.

I’m a tiny bit surprised that it doesn’t really interfere with my falling asleep routine. I would have expected an unpredictable and involuntary always changing little tune coming out of my head every time I exhale to be distracting enough to keep me from sleep. Luckily, it is not and I have been falling asleep reasonably well this last month.

It doesn’t happen As quickly as it used to but it is far better than the 3-hour wait I used to have to endure when I was on drugs. I am content.

So I now wait for a call, which is much easier than waiting for me to make the call myself because we’ve learned that doesn’t work out too well. Making that other phone call that will invariably change my life assumingly for the better still hasn’t happened.

Updates as they happen.


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