I admit. Kittens can be entertaining
This kitten is growing on me a bit more each day.

I admit. Kittens can be entertaining

I have gone on the record here in my blog saying that I don’t like kittens. For much of their life, they can be quite irritating and time-consuming and steal the attention away from whatever work I might be trying to do. Or sleep. 

However the more time I spend with my new little kitten she can be quite entertaining at times especially when the two of them are together. The old cat and the young cat. A little curiosity is what’s supposed to be there demise according to the old saying, it is also competition that brings them into dangerous zones. The arrangement on the floor of my bedroom tends to change from day to day and so they are always excited to be let in to mutually examine whatever is new in this environment. Unfortunately that means they really want in at 4:00 a.m. to reek their havoc and knock things around when I get up to go to pee. They force their way in aggressively. 

Then almost in turn they rush around noisily examining each new item that dawns my floor and as soon as one finds an item of interest, the other must push her out of the way to examine it for herself. It is simultaneously cute and annoying. 

Chole and I had Invented a game I named Haf-fetch that we can no longer enjoy because of the little one. It is now a competition and holds less interest for the older cat. She enjoyed it before it was cool.  Now it has some resentment when she watches the baby lunge across the room chasing after the foil ball from my morning chocolate wrapper. Chole turns her back on it, trying not to be excited by the shiney movements. A sign of protest.

Everything new is of interest but whatever the other cat has discovered is even more interesting. They chase each other around trying to top each other’s discoveries. It is fun to watch while I imagine human style emotions of excited and jealousy.

Ok. Kittens can be cute and entertaining… But it’s nice to be able to pick this one up and throw her out the door and close it after a few minutes… And then do it all over again at my real wake up time later on the morning.

7:15 seems like a better play time for all of us.



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