Human Species – Different Breeds?

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In the privacy of my own mind, I am somewhat calculated. I believe I see the world from a different perspective than many. I have been told I am obsessive, and since that day, I have obsessed over whether it…

Human Species – Different Breeds?

In the privacy of my own mind, I am somewhat calculated. I believe I see the world from a different perspective than many. I have been told I am obsessive, and since that day, I have obsessed over whether it is true or not. I’m not TV-quality obsessive-compulsive, but I probably do spend more time thinking about my life, my place in the lives of others, and the universe than some people.

I have crafted many theories over the years, without formal education in any fields greater than high school. I believe my mind is in some ways, the same kind of mind that other great scientists and philosophers may have had, but with a different surrounding and upbringing.

I am not a scientist or philosopher in any real way, except that I think a lot.

My unusual brain recipe is a mixture of obsession, curiosity, observation, ego and attention deficit disorder, trumped in all ways by a low self-esteem issue that makes my ideas unworthy of pride or sharing – most of the time.

I’m not saying I am ashamed of being creative… just that my brain finds ways to discredit the ideas and fears me into staying silent. Every now and then I see something on TV that mirrors one of my philosophies, or agrees with a scientific idea I’ve had.

The world evolves constantly, and the things we learn now often contradict our history. It’s fascinating.

I am most sad that religion has been taught in such a way as to fear change and knowledge. we could learn so much more if we were still, to this day, not afraid of being killed for suggestion maybe the Bible, or God or whatever – is not absolutely correct.

This week I saw a TED presentation that has brought public, a suggestion I made years ago. Although we can all agree slavery was bad, the solution to brainwash the entire world into thinking we are all equal is probably not the best reaction. While I certainly agree that citizens or earth deserve the right to be treated equally, to agree we all all, is absurd.

Humans are the only species |I know of, that denies we have breeds, or even perhaps different species within the humanoids.

I have always been fascinated with the various theories of evolution. The two that seem to have the most traction are creationism and Darwinism, both of which have huge flaws and holes. The funny thing to my way of thinking, is that the two actually work really well together, if we allow ourselves to believe God is not the supreme perfect being.  Evolution, when looked at from a different perspective, is staged improvement.  Beings are given a way to eat, and a way to survive, which changes over time and is either perfected, or allowed to die off.  This change doesn’t have to be 100% natural. It doesn’t have to be 100% spiritual.

The thing that most confounds me about evolution, is the arrogance to believe it ended.  As humans, we do our best to stop it at every corner.  We don’t let animals die off, because somehow we think we can control the universe better than nature has, for billions of years before our appearance.

We believe humans are the top… perhaps the purpose for all before us. We’re done.

We seem to ignore the facts that, even among humans in our short tenure on this planet, we have clearly been evolving every generation.  We are almost always different from our grandparents.  Taller, faster, and healthier.  Some of these are man made changes and advancements, but regardless of the cause, the effect is an evolved human race.

If we go back in time, long before air travel or the discovery of a round earth, humans were different species. In the dog world, you might have a hard time convincing people that a Great Dane and a dachshund are both dogs.  Africans, Asians, Indians and Whites were all very different people, with different skills and cultures and bodies.  We excelled at different things, naturally.

We are now forced to ignore these, and give everyone the freedom to be the same.

I understand why of course. People any “difference” that becomes public, offers an opportunity for explosion.  If we are different, than logic dictates one is better.

Fuck logic.  The one with the power is better.  Black people were made slaves, not because they were inferior, but because the people taking them made it so.

Race and colour made them different visually, and the slave owners were convinced it was ok.  We were told this was acceptable, and many lost their lives defending that belief.

Then we were told it was not. I have no idea why, or how this defenmce started, but I suspect it has to do with love, and babies.  That’s just a guess.  Lots of people hate gays until somebody they love comes out.

I oftren wonder how earth would be different if we had not travelled to our neiughbours.  Species would have evolved faster without the complications of inter breeding.  The Olympics might not be as much fun, because each nation would probably excel at one event beyond any fun of competition. In many events, it is already like that now.

I suppose in the end, we all know humans are different.  It’s hard not to see a 7 foot tall dark skinned African and not know his genetic makup is different from a 4.7” Jewish man.  The environment alone can not be blamed for mental and phiscal abilities that are duplicated over and over among nations or communities.

We can onlky be greatful our social equality no longer allows the strong to kill the weak.

However, evolution isn’t all about like minded beings breeding with each other. The true changes come when we don’t. We mix a bit of our dna soup between species and flatten some traits while others stand out.

We are all taller, and probably smarter.

We dcontinue to evolve, and in turn, make new discoveries.  We find plants and animals that are immune or hold secrets to cures. We discover new ways to get high, or hard, or better at whatever it is we’re trying to win.

Each change helps us evolve. To make our kids a different species than we are/were.

Equal under law, but vastly different in life.

Maybe social laws will eventually evolve too.

For now, I’m happy to be a part of it. My thinking evolves each day.


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