Honest teach. Technology ate my term paper.

Drug Posts, Not Proof Read - 1st Draft

I don’t think we had term papers in Ontario. I know a few other differences. I went to grade 1 ND 2 and many other places day 1st grade. We had grade 12 and 13 when I went. I got…

Honest teach. Technology ate my term paper.

I don’t think we had term papers in Ontario. I know a few other differences. I went to grade 1 ND 2 and many other places day 1st grade. We had grade 12 and 13 when I went. I got the achievement award for 12 and stayed 2 more years being social under the disguise of hope.

Grade 13 for me, was like that last 3rd of the book that guy with the curley hair on the show with the tornado chaser with the flying cow.

Who cares the names… I had it and… Helen hunt and … Paul? No. What was the show? Hank axarias debut I think.

I have no idea. It’s 512 in the morning so I won’t ask my talking answer puck.

I lost another one but I was about to hurt. Then I was quick, zipeed in and pointed it out as an excellent example for learning I lose way more vital things. The beauty of my formula is I can lose it all.

I let go. I wonder which drug or combo flipped that toggle for me. !aybe acid. It seems very 69s mentality. The hippie commune I tried to join in SL. I would have gotten away with it it it wasn’t fir those needling kids and whatever passes as a dog. I haven’t seen the episode if syiernatural yet but I did enjoy 8 minutes of the Lego Scooby Doo show. It seems some lightbulb clicked and I hope the guy who suggest that there was no reason Lego movies cojdnt big bugger than ouxar as a platform. A genre on it’s own.

The Kleenex awards dimond brand. I guess that’s wrong. There are now Lego knock offs that somehow pulled off comparable clones.

Ok. Pause. 520.

Oh yeah. What did I lose of value?

Never knowing, where we’re going, till we get there,

On the clickity clack express.

I have no hints, as usual.

Ding usual, trigger.

The big story, deflected faster than you can say, I bet they’re going to be side swiped and you only get as far as I before they are side swiped. What am I talking about? I realized you’d probably have no idea.

I think this one is the naked now, and the air quality has too much indica rising.

I’m going to go find a fully functional robot.

My ex wife, ha ha ha… I wish. I just put a hole in the Roomba and made it think the room was 8×8, but inches.

Sound of Roomba banging like the robot chicken tonight can robot with a new washing machine. I bet the new low energy ones are a lame bang, but I hear if you use the right lube, you can finish in a quarter if the time.

Because of social live?

Yeah. It had a racing stripe on it even. It’s a gel candy. Here try one.


You see? Idiots arnt the ones eating Tide pods.

Bully’s are the ones making idiots eat Tide pods.

Ban bullying not washing machines.

What if?

The best way to make a country great again, is lose, then win a war. At least it’s worked at least 50% of the times we’ve used that strategy.

Wars have nothing to do with war anymore. It’s an employment solution, an unemployment solution, previously it was a homosexual solution and to some degree and public housing solution and !ntal health solution. It is sold as a pride solution with hope that pride combined with perr pressure and family pressure, war solves a lot of issues. I know both sides progress. Lots of side players make a lot of profit and even more unclaimed orofit we are lead to believe.

What if Trump’s plan really is cause great tradedy on the level of previous attacks with the false hope that at the end of it, America will be great again.

In one fictional universe my imagination just created, people stayed in their own coloured continents. As intended in the game rules.

Earth. No rules. King of the castle.

7 players each get an egg and a jar of white gooey tadpoles. Colour of skin is for team identification but also to give approximately equal adaptation to your environments angle of sunlight relative to the equaror, darkest in the middle getting lighter as they reach the top.

I smile, because I know that some people might read the above paragraph and stop. Perhaps a few may re read it. I hope at least one or two smile and a lightbulb goes on in their head.

The moment of realization. Learning joy point.

Mental Scooby snack. For some, the more they feel the joy of this new realization, perhaps enhanced by the chain reaction of other knowledge that suddenly connects and makes sense and I know I wonder how it took me that long to make that connection, when once made, seems so obvious.

Ding. At this exact moment, as they joy of the now wow is just about to fade into black for an instant of incalculatable void and crush they joy so hard even the textual emote description of how a Scooby snack tastes vanishes from the paragraph.

In this instant you can react by choosing your fork.

I love how simple that makes it. How can I share this and profit? People will love this.

Or, as I do. Let’s see how long it’s been in use by somebody. There’s no way my simple thing is a firsties.

Well, in this case, no. It was taught to me by the newest form of wisdom available with today’s generations.

Passing on the wisdom is a little harder than passing on the community stories.our cultural evolution must have flourished in great bursts each time advancements in sharing emerged.

Each of us are to sharing, as bees are to polen. We even make honey.

I keep referring g to some core wisdoms.

The earliest ways people learned the community wisdoms sometimes called common sense were often hidden within sarcastic stereotype touristy chachkies.

The earliest were carved on rocks or burned out of a piece of wood. It started with a word that people could hang near their dwelling to keep this John distinguished from that John. Pretty soon, people seemed to settle on a standardized format of unique name, taken from a pool of less than 100 options and somewhat regional although shirt one sylabke nanes became common.

You might have already flashed a brief recall memory to the one sylabke named people you know. There is a power to one sylabke names in our culture. Many can’t handle it and choose a longer version. Robert and Michael would be entirely different people if they were Mike and Rob.

Shy people might even add more. Liz hates that. Call her Elizabeth. Rebecca Sue uses two names . The dual names have their own pre conceptions too. Not every adult can pull off aname that ends in y. Robert might not feel he’s up to the mindset of Bob, but a rare few will wear Bobby to their grave.

Bobby Susie is throwing his confidence in our face.

I settle for my place, the coolness of a single dylable name. Not the top winners with the covetted three letter names actually inspired by God. I’ve got four. Still an easy one to remember and spell. There are not enough Jeff’s to get lost like Hohns often do, but enough so that when you hear the name, you probably know one or two, or at least Jeff Gokdblum. I like that the name also comes with a story and a conversation starter. Not all nanes can carry you into a real conversation that is a versitle tool. The spelling of Jeff has always had a variation that is as silently controversial as the choice to let your toilet paper flow down the front, vs the choice to be the official opposition. Each had value.

The smart people that either got wasted and created some of the basis for our story through evolution from the time each player mixed his fluids and tossed the cum into a pond.

Names would have evolved before in unison to the discovery of neighbours. The only thing the players can do, is add or subtract units of mystery for each new conception. The players have no interaction or control with any living thing, but can change the math at conception.

So imagine. Each breeding cycle, you examine the seasons and see which births survived and why. In the early days, a birth cycle really was slow, then fast, then slow, then fast.

Early life probably went through perods were a mother might birth hundreds or thousands of babies but a few dozen survive.

Follow the loops. Each new gestation period evolves to be better protected while at the same time, more able to find it’s own meal for a healthy birthing g cycke again in x weekds, days it seconds.

So. At first, life has no direct superior that wants to eat it. Life starts with a bounce. From the instant conception makes the connection with success, it begins it’s reproductive cycle, but before that connection, it was two becoming one. Click. Connect. Now start in reverse. One becomes two. Two become four.

Each so!it builds towards a better way to survive tomorrow to bang out new offspring. Oh look. It worked Becky Margret. That extra drop of ekement gvcz made their skin one shade closer to that grease where the prefitor doesn’t go.

Of course if there is grass and colour, then we’re starting the story so many millions of loops already.

Of course, all that is possible, but it makes as much sense to say the single cells eventually worked it out without even knowing.

Two become one. They bounce back into two but each with a copy of the original two.

Life starts.

If you have ever been challenged to the choice between a regular paycheck or a penny salkary doubled weekly, you know just how fast a doubling cell can cover their zone. Some will die. The ones on the hot sand fry. Next season, there are no babies so in one generation, the cells that were adapting to sand did not get to continue.

The ones that floated to the sand at the point where they make contact and don’t float back with the wave, but remain in the air as the wave retreats. Bam all but 3 die but the three bounce into 6 million babies that all have the single change that allowed them to not die.

At some point, variations will reach a point where the South Beach slugs can no longer get the east side slugs pregnant. A lot die. Maybe the mule does. If you can’t fuck it, can you eat it?

Evolution now has to tackle enviornmental reasons to die, and now, the numbers become more important because 1000 may have to die to feed 10. Each new round of babies advances the babies one change closer to stealth ability. The ones that look like the monarch butterfly were the winer’s last term. We have 65 million new babies that look even more like the poisonous msratck. We might actually have a problem. The glort that used to eat moths just went from 258 billion to 370. It’s going to take the glort another 472 years to become the earliest stages of what we know as the iguanna. It can eat more different types of moths and grew out of nesesity because when glorts were not eating moths, their numbers went up so high, the glorts would get them in their mouths even by accident. The air was thick with superior feeling moths and girts eventually met mates that were all into the health benefits of an all moth diets. In just 7 million years, the Gort had grown to the size of a brontosaurus, just eating moths so much.

Eventually the overweight dinosaurs ate all the moths except those that hid well enough. Moths invented camo. And the opposite of camo, no whamo. Orange.

Pics if moths from my library.

You can imagine that dinosaurs are like gold fish. They have no mechanism to feel full do they just eat. They stopped have 10000 babies because the Giants no longer had predutirs. Nothing could kill a dinosaur. They just kept eating.

One day, Chester notices his identical twin is feeling winded. Not only did they both have a hard time eating enough moths, but all the green in general was gone. They suffocated and did not generate babies that season. Dinasurs all gone, maybe in stages as each species runs out of whatever delicacy they eveolved to be clever enough to find and win.

Last season the cheatad regrouped and their next gen came back with 75% fuzzier spits than their parents because it makes stopped cheetas look !ore like they’re still in motion. Dig spots have sharp edges. Your pug isn’t running after the gazelle.

Next season, the tigers teeth won big and the babies almost all have teeth now sharp enough to break cheetah skin. That’s new. Cheetas take a hit and have to rebuild from only a few hundred thousand that survived .

There may not be any purpose to any of these animals. Each is just the lastest model of a variation of the norm that kept going.

Although I talk about dramatic changes happening in short cyckes in the early stages because it was concievable that the survival rates may have been that dramatic. The important thing to remember is, we are the first to give time a value beyond the seasonal loop.

When a tomato goes to school and learns it’s origin story it’s easy to explain iterations of change as loops. Each cycle plays with the math as the inner battles to eat or be eaten wage on simply because birth needs two survivors.

The third consideration of change is to be selected. The coupling. The instinct to share your survival with a worthy half.

You’ve got the monarch wings and she’s hot that defective antenna that’s half the width of everyone else, but I noticed it actual vibrates at the frequency disturbed by the cheetah. Our babies will win their season with a lead.

When I am making a graphic, I want the spacing and layout to be perfect. I o it the hard way. This means I often save a new update and preview it, then adjust and loop. Imagine not having a concept of time. 1 million iterations later, it’s what the client needs and it’s as it pick proof as I can do.

So that was acool description of how that moth caexist with a wing that ooks like the shell of the trtle it likes to sit on, that twig on the table next to you really n inscect and the platapus.

Of course man fucked everything up because self awareness made us the preditors of everything from the red meat Giants to the Tony pea sized bean or bean sized pea. We are preditors for recreation and entertainment. Well kill randomly with zero need to rationalize or jusity. Man is the first winner to get addicted to the kill.

Wahat if

In Highlander, the movies or series, when you kill one of your own, that energy transfers to you in a ceremony suitable for a TV budget. If it is true that we can feel a kill, it might explain our addiction.

Killing is the wrong way to play king of the castle, but in terms of how the universe works, there is no right or wrong . There is organized birth gambling.

The game.

Nobody is winning till the last species loses. Probably cockroaches but who knows. It almost certainly won’t be man, although we’ve done pretty well without following rules. We don’t let our weak die. The only species that cheats. Not only do we breed our best together to evolve, we figured out breeding your first together is what causes the exact variations we used to rep!y on to evolve.

If only your family survived the droubt, then sis is mom next cycke and that extra set of arm odd shaped red nose might just be the mutation that saves Christmas.

Adult Santa knows.humanscwere doing a pretty good job in their regions with evolution. It has caused great tension in my lifetime as the players are well into the integration stage of the game. 6000 years of setup and educated mating have virtually been creating better kids every year since the big bounce.

If two molociulrs meet in a void, but neither has any way to comprehend the concept of sound… Well I guess I answered my own question.

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