The Greatest Invention / The Worst Invention

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The greatest invention of all time was Church. The worst invention of all time, was religion. Not so bad an idea, just poorly executed from day 1. All of the original inventions habve the same flaw. They are absolutre, and…

The Greatest Invention / The Worst Invention

The greatest invention of all time was Church.

The worst invention of all time, was religion.

Not so bad an idea, just poorly executed from day 1.

All of the original inventions habve the same flaw. They are absolutre, and treated as canon. As fact. As truth.

To truly belong, you are/were obligated to confess you believe.

And so evberyone else must be wrong.

Relsigions were probably invented one at a time, in communities that didn’t exchange info or even awareness of the next twon.

Bwefore phones and roads and smoke siognals.

The old man would tell the stories, perhaps around a fire originally, and then eventually in a gathering.

As soon as people figured out we’d be talking to other people, and two or more stories of God and creation might turn up, we should have stopped.

Smart people should either have agreed on one story, or else re-written their books and scroills and rules to be accepting of miutoiple origin stories – like \spiderman.

The good part of religion isn’t related tio the story anyway.

The story is just the backdrop fior sermons and lessons, in much the same way today’s youth learn their morals from TV and movie stories.

I believe that religion can exist without the faith and beliefe that your story is right. All the good of church and comminuty and support and friendship – comboined with weekly gatherings and sermons has little to do with ths story.

I believe in a church that can admit to being fiction.

My Church is the church of stories, where the story is what we worship, lnowing it’s a story.

All sermons are stories with interpretation.

Each follower is able to pick their favourites or create their own stories.

I have my own story of creation, and a set oif golden rules for a slightly different society, but it works within the existuing earth and nopbody wants to kill anybody who follows a different satory,m or none at all.\

We don’t particularly try hard to convert you.

I’d love a no-annoy policy to be the norm.

I believe that a great many people who callk themselves aithests when pressed, would love to beloing to a church, but find it hhypocritical to belong to one where they don’t believe the core structural story.

We mock the others, but the storoes behind Christ and Scoietology are equally silly stories, if you were toild them without the religion trying to convince you it’s not fiction.

Our Biuble is so clearly meant to be stories. It is harder to believe than Star Trek to me.

It is cleary a telling of stories from the time period.

Scientology did the same thing with ficticious stories only they used aliens instead of Gods, and called it true, with a straight face, despite it’s clear author being a science fiction author prior to his revelation.

\a\nybody can be a priest or leader of tyheir own religion.  He had the right idea.  A conspiracy against him from the brand name churches in American band together, lable it a cult,m and discredit anyone who is public about the religion.


If he’s just saoid it’s bullshit from the start, people would have chosen it if they wanted.

A lot of people WANT a Church right now. They kjust don’t want to have to admit they believe in Christian God… or alternatives.

A religion where we all admit the origin story ius a fiction, now lets move on.

I have been workionh on my own undertadning of the universe since before I can remember. It probably came around the time I tried halucinagens.  Ever since I doscoved there was  a anme for my brain disorders, I have been fascinated with the mind, and society, and how the world wqorlks.

I have been writing.

I have tried to figure out a universe design that would allow for some of the freaky shit our current science doesn’t explain, at keast not publically.

I have conspiracy theorioes of earth’s socialtal direction that all make sense.

I have dreams of testing different iodeas in real cities, kind of like an episode of \SLIDERS, but for real, all in one universe.

I have idea of time travel, which may bbe far fatecyed, but fit into my universe design.

I would like to see if we can’t at least try to change the world, and make people happier, even if they don’t want to work, can’t work, or work so poorly, they may as well go home.

Idea: Maybe cults are actually this idea, PR crushed by the anti competition religions power. Cults and communes are a group of people, dictatorship usually, that strive for a better life together.


On TV, they are always fake and greedy, or all die… but I suspect cults may exist in greater numbers than we know.

Seems like a neat iodea.

Not qute the same as communisim.

I suspect most communisim communities or different worlds really only start to work after the second generation grows up and the elders die.


I believe our brain remembers stories more than events. We don’t remember what happened to us. We remember the story we tell. Told 1 or more  times, it becomes a memory.

People in community have stories, and they convert happenings to storoes constantly.

People alone, live their lives, and may be happy, but until they convert the life to a story, it may be more easily forgotten.

We tell our own stories.

We know we remember the good  parts of a vaction.

We tell the good stories more.

We may remember the bad stories too, if that is hwo we describe our life.

If you tell only good stories. You seem to – and end up, having a good life.


When people ask you how you day is, or what happened on your vacation – you have the power. The conrtriol.  You can tell the stories about waiting 45 minutes for a taxi, and having a waitress spill coffee on you, and being disrespected by the Hotrel because youyr name was mis-spelled… or you can tell the good stories.

In a year, you may only remember the stories you told.  Is it worth spillting that memory with the stuffyou want to remember, and the petty annoyances.

I tell the funny stories, wherever possible.

My mother was one to always tell the bad storoes.  As soon as I disciovered this to be the case, it changed my life.  I try my best to passs that on.  Why tell the bad stories.


We don’t live in the moment of now. We live in the reaction of a Now, just passed, and the story it becomes when we re-tell it, if we do.

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody was around to tell it’s story, then whether it made a noise or not is irelivant. It is a tree fallen, but the story of it’s fall is lost forever.  We assume it fell, and make up a story.

For our entire existence, all our knowledge is just the story we were told.  It could just as easily be true, or false.



Stories are what makes our universe move forward.


The above quote is a tricky one to grasp at first, but as you search your mind, every person who pops into your head is either a good story teller, or a good story.  They’re either the kjind of person who always commands an audience and is the one who talks first, and perhaps mnost.  They lead with stories of everything.

The others are themselves a story, but are nopt the ones to tell it.

Salespeople and successful people all know the power of a story.

\A  car salesmen will hardly mention the car at all, at first. He’ll telkl you a story of how this car has effected him, or how it can effect you.  You’ll be introduced to characters or family through his tale, and start to trust him as a friend, rather than a dealer.

Those who know how to tell a story are cenhtrerpieces. And the success.

Golf is all about the stories.  2 hours of silence needs filler.

I became a better storyteller lkate in life. As a younger boy, and later man, I was more a punchline guy. I always went for the laugh at the end, or in the middle of other people’s stories.  I augmented, with limnited success.

Later in life, I met a man who was a gfreat story teller, if not slightly over the top. We knew his log tales contained exaguartions, but his energy and excitement was contagious.

I realized in a momentm, that all the people with vivid memories in my head, were good story tellers.

So I bacem one.

Like a musle you exceursise, memories flowed. I was able to pull from my past and relate to almost anything. I went too much at first, and am still adjusting.

My othger social skills were equally ruisty so I’m no expert yet – but I can hold an audiemnce, know about pacing and tone.

I just have to remember that not every reactoion has to be a story of my reaction.

I don’t have gto tell the story of my 6 dogs whenever I see a dog.

I don’t have t ell a story of my 5 cats, whenever I see a cat, or hear about a cat with a Star Trek character name.

I don’t have gto relate an example from my life all the gtime.

  • But I could. I have them.

My life is full of stories, once I started practicing, and telling them.  It amazed me how much more of my life I could remember, and reflect apon, and use to learnm, than before – when all my stories were comparing Star Trek to thie situation at hand.

Getting old is just seeing theinfinite loops of life, as others pass through all the things you’ve experiences.  Wisdom comes from seeing life as a loop, and knowing things bget better, or stay the same.  The more we see of liofe, the more it teachges us, by repeating.

Sadly, youngetsrs don’t always believe the sgories we tell them, till they do it themselves.  We were the same.

July 31.  New Months Eve.

10pm.  Tube Effect +1

End of part 1.


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