Great way to start a day
The first of a few messages posted today. Hybrid vlogging where I type, talk and record.

Great way to start a day

Today has started out to be a good day. One of the ways that I can feel it’s a good mood day is how my initial social media scan goes. On days when I’m feeling in a good mood, like today, when I had a good sleep and fun dreams, I tend to be more active and funny in my social media morning scan. I replied to comments in ways that make me feel helpful or funny. It brings my mood up.

After that, I go and I have a good poop. Then I go and feed the pigs and the chickens and nothing really goes wrong. The day continues on in a good mood.

I have only two tasks to accomplish for customers so far and I should probably finish them up before I start working on my blog, because there’s a possibility it will bring me down a bit in mood. Then again, the customer interaction will probably bring me down a little bit and it’s still only 8:30 so I may put it off. The problem is it’s Thursday and I put it off more than a week already. It’s easy how that happens and I can tell myself it won’t over and over but it does.

One of the biggest lies I tell myself is I’ll get to that today. I seldom do. Luckily, TikTok and Instagram videos have taught me to believe that is an a symptom of ADHD and therefore not my fault, not my problem and I don’t have to do anything about it except say it’s an ADHD problem and it goes away.

That’s a statement that consists of hidden sarcasm but a deeper fear for all of society when a symptom of our brains mental functions can be used as an excuse. People have been living with ADHD for centuries or perhaps all time. It is a essential function of society to have a variety of brain types. Some people are better at tasks than other. Some people are better at math than others. I’m a little concerned, that the new trend to use a brain type as a reason to get away with out trying is not a good thing for society. However, it could be a fantastic thing and evolve into a whole new way of the world working. That’s the cool thing about life. You can guess all you want about the next decade but you’ll never ever see what happens coming.

The best reason to stay alive is curiosity. I really enjoy seeing how the world turns out even if as an old grumpy man, I like to complain that it’s not as good as it used to be or it’s moving too fast or the music today sucks etc. It’s still a lot of fun to watch how the world evolves.

I doubt that anyone fully predicted that in 2023, the majority of people making money would do so by posting pictures on online and selling a monthly subscription. It’s not really the majority of people of course but when you’re online it looks like it is. It looks like everyone is beautiful and they’re making millions of dollars just by being beautiful.

When I was growing up it was a treat for teenagers to catch a glimpse of porn without the distortion on the pay TV screen or perhaps find a magazine and trade it amongst your friends to look at boobs. When porn became available on online, people had to pay huge bucks at first. They did.

Now, online porn is pretty much free and people are paying to watch regular girls be regular. Not even nude. I doubt many people saw that coming nor will they see the effects of it in 10 years. Will people spend money to be prettier or will they be more depressed if they’re not. It must be frustrating for the average teenager to see their pretty friends driving sports cars just by being pretty.

What was I talking about again?


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