Hello, I’m orange Jeff and this isn’t orange shirt blog. You can’t currently see that I’m wearing an orange shirt but I’ll include a photo when you can trust me that it’s current. For the most part, I live in…

Google Docs by Voice

Hello, I’m orange Jeff and this isn’t orange shirt blog. You can’t currently see that I’m wearing an orange shirt but I’ll include a photo when you can trust me that it’s current. For the most part, I live in a single bedroom on my bed. I compute there eat there I sleep there and watch TV here I don’t do too much else except a few times a day let the dogs out and feed the chickens. that is my contribution to the living arrangements in addition to paying the internet and electricity bills each month


I’m writing this blog using my voice on a Windows PC and the Google Docs program which is a cool alternative to using Microsoft Word. It’s free, it’s filled with neat features but has an option to add plug-ins for even more. it isn’t Microsoft Word, which is an advantage in many ways but if needed, it can convert documents back and forth. It is essentially a cloud-based system which wants to save your documents to your Google Drive but it can export and import to your local drive as well of course you paragraph this morning I’m just playing with it.


And I’m using my voice 100% so you see there’s an error in the above paragraph where I tried to get it to start a new paragraph but instead of doing that it heard the word you.


Voice technology or voice to text technology has comment an incredibly long way since the early days when the programs were $800 no, my phone doesn’t excellent job. Perhaps better than this Windows PC although apart from that paragraph, it seems to be handling my speech quite well and I’m not putting any real effort into speaking specifically for voice to text conversion. I’m speaking pretty much the way I would. The way I do.


The irony is I have nothing to say. I’m just distracting myself from some bad news that happened earlier today and will happen again later today. It’s only 9 a.m. on a Friday and I’m not sure when that bad news will come but the anticipation stress will keep me distracted for most of today. your paragraph. The $800 program had a lot of advanced features like editing within the same line and


It froze up on me there with no indication. I talked for another sentence or two before I noticed it wasn’t transcribing anymore. Ironically it stopped when I was about to be critical of Google. all I had was that it doesn’t seem to promote its speech to text and they don’t appear to be any commands to assist in editing but that’s okay. This is a pretty big blonde post and I hadn’t typed or touched on the keyboard except when it froze up. When I’m done, I can click another button and one of my alternative apps called Grammarly will take over and correct the grammar issues and typos. I guess I don’t call them typos. I don’t have a word for what you would call speak to text errors you’re not quite autocorrect.


This made me somewhat curious as to whether there are additional commands in Google’s speech-to-text function on Windows in Google Docs but I’m not going to go looking for that right now cuz it’s a full distraction away from the writing. What I’m going to do instead is have a look at some of the tools and extensions that are available and see if I can snap some photos that can be inserted here. I know one of the options is to export to WordPress so will give that a try when I’m ready. It might be interesting to use this as a WordPress editor if I feel like talking about my blog instead of typing. Usually, I just do it on the phone in those cases. You paragraph


I wasn’t able to continue talking and having it transcribed me why they looked at the extensions. most of them and there are a lot, don’t apply to my typing just general writing. Blocking. There are a lot of additional templates and graphs and all sorts of things that are probably extremely useful to people in those markets and those needs. you paragraph


I have to learn how to say that so that it gets it every time. Usually, it’s just an inflexion of some sort. United case, I did load 1 extension which allows Google Docs to read documents back to me. I’m not sure I’ll ever use it except him as an experiment but I could imagine sitting here and having it read some of my blog posts from Years Gone by and let me decide which ones are worthy of reposting or editing updates without actually having to read. That’s especially handy from the bed as my eyesight fails.


I think I have mastered the difference between the word new and the word you. Time will tell.

The above is a screen capture and I paste it into this document to see if it worked and it did.


This is a photograph that I found in my Google photos archive and insert it into this document easily. It is no surprise of course that Google Docs supports Google photos. It would be laughable if it did not since they are both cloud-based. it also supports inserting directly from the camera or local images from my hard drive. And of course Google Drive.

It also supports inserting things that I have no use for like tables and charts and a few options that I’m not quite sure about. people and places.


I’m done with this distraction and experiment and am ready to move on to something else. I will save it to the drive and luckily and cast out the publish to web option which seems interesting. I’ll also now try and transfer it to my blog and see if the images and everything else worked well using the built-in ducks to WordPress extension.






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