Friday Lag
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Friday Lag

It’s Friday afternoon already. I spent the morning in my bed reading social media again. I woke at 8:30 and then lay around in that mode where you lay still pretending like you’ll fall asleep, knowing you probably won’t. I sat back up at 11:30 and got stuck on Instagram looking at all the people doing social media so much better than me.

Appreciating and envying at the same time. People living my dream of being entertaining online with an ease ten times greater than I could ever have imagined. Being funny on demand is harder than I need it to be. So I don’t try, much like the rest of my life.

Instead, I choose to post videos that people don’t want to like because it’s me doing a thing they’re not supposed to like. I make the choice easy for them. Don’t like this. It’s a bad thing.

That way, when they don’t like it, I don’t feel bad

Today is going to be a weird day.



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