Focus Fuel Webcam Hit

Focus Fuel Webcam Hit

Every day I turn on my webcams and start working on customer support issues, website updates, and my own project at club.frogstar. I stream this on the webcams but I don’t usually talk much, so all you see is me working, or taking hits off the bong.


  • Even Bad Magic is Magical

    Even Bad Magic is Magical

    For the first time ever, a magician won America’s big summer talent show; America’s Got Talent. Judge Howard Stern has …
  • Sick Day

    Sick Day

    Holy crap I’m sick.  I can see why people would rather snort again than go through a few days of …
  • Just one line

    Just one line

    I struggled. I can’t trust that I’m not actually crazy now. I always suspected my mother went freely into her …
  • Thursday 5pm Meth Mashup

    Thursday 5pm Meth Mashup

    Not every day, but most days. Meth, music, mashup
  • I’m in love with Katie Banks

    I’m in love with Katie Banks

    Pausenblog. A German word I invented that refers to the way I often pause my video to blog about a …


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