Crap – and probably pee.

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I forgot to bring my phone with me down for the final feeding of the night. This is the one where I have to prepare the pig stew and try and keep the hens and chicken distracted while it eats.…

Crap – and probably pee.

I forgot to bring my phone with me down for the final feeding of the night. This is the one where I have to prepare the pig stew and try and keep the hens and chicken distracted while it eats. They seem to like bread crumbs and I checked on line it’s not as bad as feeding them to the seagulls. Apparently chickens are allowed to eat stale bread and they seem to like it.

When I got upstairs to fetch the device, I noticed the door was open which means the cats may have entered and be hidden in the labyrinth of junk that keeps my room full.

I freely admit to it being a complete mess with only two areas where you can see the floor. One being right in front of the door allowing it to open, and the other being beside my bed. Under the bed and the rest of the room is filled with stuff.

I believe I smelled cat piss which is one of the worst smells in the known universe. It lingers in your nose. This is what they call spraying and the upstairs cats seem to do it a lot. Anytime they enter a new room or do anything that’s new to them they seem to want to mark their territory. I think they’re all female and fixed so this spraying thing surprised me a little. But again, I looked it up online and yes indeed cats will spray to mark their territory even if they are spayed or neutered in this case.

I came back downstairs quickly with the phone intent on checking up and watching the pig eat and then putting it to sleep. Literally not jargon wise. There was less food than usual today which is sad because this pig really really likes to eat and apparently most animals tend to eat more as the winter approaches to fatten up..

He’s currently searching the area for additional food.

The rooster and I have fought three times today when conveniently I didn’t have my stick but no serious contact or injuries. He just seemed to be in a bad mood. Maybe they’re hungry too although I fed them very well and they walk away from it at some point. I believe the pig would never walk away from food.

I think I probably or at least possibly locked a cat in my bedroom which is not ideal. If it didn’t smell love piss previously I’m sure it does now. I’ve got at least 15 minutes of waiting for the pig to wander and prepare for sleep. I could go upstairs and check but the truth is if there is a cat in my room it could take a very long time to find it and even longer to shoo it out. They are impossible to find in between and underneath other things.

It’s the third time in 2 years It’s happened and I just waited out but this is the first time I’ve smelled the piss smell so I’m glad humans seem capable of filtering smells after a while. My room smells pretty bad as it is but I’m sure I’ll still be able to go to sleep tonight and eventually the nose will assimilate to the odor.

I think there was a better word than assimilate but it didn’t come to me.

The pig is wandering with its nose looking for anything additional to eat. It’s licking the sidewalk where there are bird seed crumbs.

I’ll tell the boss of this tonight when he comes home and he’ll probably adjust my quantities or go feed him a little extra tonight. It’s sad to watch him eating the fallen leaves as if they have any value.

I witnessed two rats run out in front of me to the food dish where there is sometimes little lingering bits of meal that’s not tonight. The plate is clean. Well, not clean but free of edible food.

He wonders back to his chicken coop where I forgot once again to make the blanket off the ground so that I can put it on him. I forgot that last night did a fairly poor job of covering him luckily it was one of the warmest days of the month.


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