Craigslist Stoner Buddy Version

Not Proof Read - 1st Draft

Craigslist Ad (Not Posted) A stoner version of that. Not hookups, but like pen pals. Virtual stoner friends. Not birtual, digital. A guy or gal to try and see if ytoy clkick. When both do, lifelong friend. Diversity Anyone can…

Craigslist Stoner Buddy Version

Craigslist Ad (Not Posted)

A stoner version of that.

Not hookups, but like pen pals. Virtual stoner friends.

Not birtual, digital.

A guy or gal to try and see if ytoy clkick. When both do, lifelong friend.


Anyone can click. Math is compatible.

Our crazies sync.

The things that turn you off are less than theyt things that make you tingle. I am addicted to the pleasure of new thoiugfhts. My mind recycvles my own most ogf the time.


Platonic, romantic, or sexual, probably in measurable ways.

It terrifies me, because each failure is taken hard, because the right click for me is a 1809 degree change.

I love the right people.

They all have the right recipe for me… mainly, they stay in touch.

Facebook changed my life. Literally.

Well, perhaps my roomate SY changed my life even more. She saved me.

I like to think it was mutual.

My brain ended it poorly. Mostly by – not so much accident, as a non emotional approach.

I hurt people by saying my opinionsm often as facts.

It may never recover, but I hope wisdom may bring us closer some day. I leaned and changed many times too.

Oh look, a zeppelin

To her.

What would you say to an online relationship with some commitment. To share level 1 stuff. Share my crazies and ideas and goals with, all the while offering my cold advice to youm unfiltered.

I ned a #1.

I need to dialoge my thoughts, and learn from them, almost like data from star trel kearning to be more hunan by mathm rather than the emotion chip, because the evil emotions are a package deal

Conflict of varying levels is learned behacioiur

I need to have a number 1 to find her replacement if she desires.

I need a best friend to meet a girkfriend.

Or at least, rave onve more.

Lretter to T&S in the Loo.

I have been considering hirng myselkf out as an idea man. I thought of a company that just listens to ideas, almost like Dragfions Den, and

A hobby for somebody to help me cfreate a persona online.

To manage all that will be, in the future

I pitch a franchiase


I mean, Oh ,look, a seppelin

Franchising the idea of an agency bthat matches investors with ideas… just to sit and offer an opinipon on thjeir ideas.

That was a weak premiss. It was on the spot, as I forgot the real reason I startred typing again.

I got hot by a wave.

Mid sentence forced subject change\Oh Look, a zeppelin.

A rule Irned for a successful acid trip. If somnebiody says Oh Look, A Zeppelin when you’re rambling or spiraling, you immediately have to change the subject.

It’s just a rfuile

It helps get people out of loops on shrooms and acide and presumably, others I never use.


When I toke weed, and it can be a teeny tiny ball, less than a pea, and I only inhale half f the burn.

I’m wasted. I orgasm and start to write.

Almost every time for years.

Eacvh time, I come up with cool ideas for businesses and tv shows, and wholeNo index entries found.

Whole industries,

I write them down, but in stoner longform. Bad typing with no proof. Usually I think the ideas comne through.


End of part 1-0ish





What if the history we know was made up 200 or less years ago. It is possible that they lied about the times, and man is a billion years old, but most of it was stuck at a level without blank.




Wheel allowed travel with more than you could carry for the firstb time



The concept of zero and base 10

We have no way of knowing, what the universal truths are.

Yet anyway,

But a computer based existence makes a lot of sence and actuall explains miracles, magic, vodo and everthing else.

Earth is more like sim earth, than sim earth is like real world earth.

But its close, and I have no doubt our future holds a lot in sit still home employment.

It could change the world.

Smaller groups.

I have spent my whole adulthood in a quest to finds a way to create income for anyone who cant or wont hold a job.

A replacement to social assistance for many,

Every big idea I have is to allow everyday people to run their own business, with our kit and centralkized guidance and marketing.

Don an orange shirt and work for tips.

I want to invent a way to leave a tipo jar more widespread.

A tip based community of windows tip videos

Or hired product reviews

Hired anything

Gotta get a concierge

Personal concierge.


Note to greg.

In home car concierge. Personal car purchase, and single point of contact for everything car related.

In home car brokering. We wotk the system like

Good car deals for members

You pay less, and were compensated out of the deal.

Meetr at starbuxks car sales

Things explained without brand influenced bios.

Equal compensation deals without emot – no. just fair.

Alt fs


Trance ouyt



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