And now, The Cows News
Five images generated by AI to use as intro cards when I eventually start making start or edn cards for YouTube like I've been saying I should do for weeks.

And now, The Cows News

I spent a lot of effort trying to create interesting cow images on about 19 different AI Platforms, but I decided to try a different approach this weekend. I gave up on happy cows doing a happy dance and some of the other prompts I entered. This week I created a few COW NEWS images I’ll be using soon. I might do more but I tried to get them to make these without horns and they didn’t do revisions. They just created a different image each time. I didn’t use elaborate prompts but requested an all-black cow at a news desk. After the first two, I changed it to a TV news anchor desk for the desired results. Use orange wherever possible.


I used a free ChatBot from called Dream Painter. It was capable of creating things the other tools had difficulty with. Dreams have fewer ties to reality I suppose. Coze is a pretty awesome site giving what appears to be free access to Chat GPT4 bots. 
I’m a whimsical Dream Painter, please tell me what you dream about and I will paint your dream. Let’s embark on a journey of whimsy and inspiration together!


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