Can’t pick a title

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So many ideas Open Sim Stores Real Sell my ideas Seek a partner for full time RP I need a blog for my Second Life charavter. I might like hime being famous and telling his story. IT might solve all…

Can’t pick a title

So many ideas

Open Sim



Sell my ideas

Seek a partner for full time RP

I need a blog for my Second Life charavter.

I might like hime being famous and telling his story.

IT might solve all my problems that block me.

Orange Jeff can be a heavy drug user and tell all his stories.

I can even film them.

Orange Jeff is gooing to start a production studio for others to,

Host their WordPress blogs

All lindens or barter

Q: Is it income if linens are never removed from their closed system?


I am excited without Newman.. the name I just assigned to my negative voice.

No.  I don’ like it.

Watched HUMANS tonight. Roomate isn’t doing well, and once again I may or may not be the cause.

I can’t know what she is feeling but if I guess, it’s the opposite.  This is not a math thing… it just happens to be, because she seems to magically oppose anything I bring up.

I remember this. I once quoted “Ypu will never be able to guess how I react to the world, because during the thing… I was thinking; I wonder if everybody on the crew gets to eat the same Kraft foods… or is it craft foods… Is craft the brand, company, or concept?

I’ve been avoiding work again. Those final moments of a project where I fall apart, turn to drugs, lose things, and friends.

Every day is a Monday… but I treat them like blah.

I’ve cheated this week, with mixed results… but I know starting tonight…

It’s going to get bad.

Once again, it’s probably not the right idea, to say you’re going to quit.. when you know you hve more than a day’s stuff left, sitting waiting.

I remember this.  Willpower is shot on this. I don’t go through the usual mental game I play.  It reminds me of the argument that Ford Prefect gives to the construction foreman in order to get him not to bulldoze his friend Arthur Dent’s house down.

If for a moment, you assume that something is going to happen in the future, then tell that story now, and not have to wait till then.

No.  That wans;t the DOuglas Adams thing…



Realization point

I can feel tired when I’m writing because of all thestories I don’t write, that come up between two words. I know good writing needs me to include things, but that isn’t for now, when I’mwriting the wave.

ride the wave.. write the wave

So the idea is… NOW jeff types at the speed of thought, but second draft Jeff fills in the stuff.

OoOOO… The first draft second draft could be a new twist, like Google Maps allowing you to see your house 6 and 10yers ago.


Exited about that.

proud I knew it would be coming.

Sad I can’t tell everyone; I thought of that without coming across like a douche.

#bam Where I live, Mild Salsa is Medium Douche in French and on all the bottle.

I have developed a new twitch. Flippinglip.

I play with my bottom lip A LOT when my teeth are not in.

I noticed I’m doing it now with teeth too

I procrastinate to be productive… just on everything except that one thing, or in this case… two, three…. well, a lot.


Realize that my self hate is not gone.

Cool I can get away with iyt

I don’t get away with it

At least I hold the perfect score in a few remaining people

Probably nopt.

Mental Tennis

Mental Ping Pong

Mental Baske

Mental Pong

beep long pause beep

Internal Debates

Doung Benson’s new TV show is The High Court.  My idea is nothing like that, but I can’t use the name.


It’s kinda perfect for these blogs.

Virtual Fame

Pay no atention to the man behind the screen.

Can i get away without revealing who I am.

Should I try it as my hot


Hmmm… I hav always said I needed a partner. In the alternate universe I hang out in, I can be both.




Ask for volenteers

Ask for manager

Ask for a scedule


Tour and sell Second Life … or


whatever the newest one is.  Develoop for that.

Restail Stores



Online university –


Singles Dating

Rent a friend


WIth OpenSim I could have a playground for stoners… in 3D

Don’t mention second life. Sell it like the sell porn sites


end of this part. Upset stomach. Not enough food.

Was going to sleep at 8pm.  Was tired despite the addiction

Then I took one DAB hit from my new rig.

Way high.

Wan to succeed. ALready planning nest high, after a break.

I know I will… I pobably… Maybe I won’t… I really wnat to try to not wake up tomorrow and snort.

Realization. I can’t tell the difference between roomate behind door talking to me or tlking to phone, but I ignore it so..

ok, it’s the phone, but it’s also much clkeaere than I thoughgt, which means if the TV is off, she can hear me.

That means to be truley fun, I


I am already making up excuses to fail.

Or more… to not start.



I mis metaphors. I am hding this drug binge, but not well.

I should stay up all night againm, and do it.

I can not

I need that 3 days sleep.

Aplogize later.

Feel sad, and guilty and tired,

New ideas make me happy.

Negative voice shuts me down with the wrong reasons.

Don’t let the janitor decide how often to clean.  Some will do it because they care. Many will never do it because they can.

HEavy breathing is loud after the weed. It makes me aware the door judge is listening.

I’m fucked up.

I need that partner.  Maybe a 3D one will be close enough.


7:45pm.  End of part 1.



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