Booster Boofer
Feeling fine, until I need to shit right away.

Booster Boofer

It’s 5:30am. I didn’t really notice, but I have been working on the site since 1am when Saturday Night Live ended. I made some more videos and felt the exact same frustration I now feel every time.

Nobody really cares or notices the videos now. The Internet is flooded with guys and girls making them and nobody is watching… Or at least with any noticeable interaction. I need to put those skills to work with other topics…

But then I record my next hit at the bong anyway.

This morning, I decided to boff the bong water. I didn’t have the nerve to put a shard up my ass like some others have done. Especially with this batch, I’m not sure what it’s cut with

So I squirted a nice combination of water and meth and felt a nice rush. I’m now wide awake and trying not to worry about what comes next.

Hopefully I’ll find a way to get some food this morning although I’m not particularly hungry, I really need to eat and hydrate today.

So I am eating the only thing in the fridge. Sliced black forest ham. No bread or bagel. Just wet ham slices rolled up like a Cuban cigar. Meat Rollups.

I think I need to take a shit after the boof though.

Like NOW.

Updated: wow that was a rush. I worked pretty much all day in the zone. Hyper focus to the max.

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