Four Pics
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Four Pics

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  • Drama Monday

    Drama Monday

    Today was a bad day. The third in a row.  If we’re counting,  my hosting company has let my customers …
  • Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

    Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

    I’m going to have to do a video about Microsoft Movie maker, but for the short version, I say DON’T …
  • SNL Layers

    SNL Layers

    I just finished watching this week’s 2014 Christmas edition of Saturday Night Live. It’s odd to feel cheated that hardly …
  • Thursday Morning Video Update

    Thursday Morning Video Update

    Nothing really new to report this morning so I decided to say it instead of type it. In truth most …
  • The wait

    The wait

    As I sit in the waiting room on the fifth floor of the hospital I am trying my best not …


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