August 15th 2017 Thought Stream Transcript

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I just took a multiple toke dab in my new bong, but it had the opposite effect. I wanted a longer draw so I got a tall bong with all sorts of slow downs… percolators and some other term that…

August 15th 2017 Thought Stream Transcript

I just took a multiple toke dab in my new bong, but it had the opposite effect. I wanted a longer draw so I got a tall bong with all sorts of slow downs… percolators and some other term that escapes me now.

A new concentrate with a horrible taste and not as high as expected.  I’m high to be sure, but not huge dab high.  Perhaps this is just right.


The project to start us ioff is… umm… Oh yes. I wanted to add a WordPress plugin that will allow me to pull images from my Google photo library.


I am watching a new to me ep[isode of Family Guy and although it was new, something sparked the need to Pausenblog. (a fictional word I made up when I write while the TV is paused on some show. I suppose it’s like Live Blogging except you get to stop time while you — and by you I mean me, as I ramble on and on about some thing that seems amazing and important to me, because I’m high on a little weed, and everything is perfect as long as you never share.

As I started writing, the show was technically still running, which I suppose might be closer to live blogging.  I have been side tracked by this useless debate…. ding. No debate is useless.

I was going to write with joy – well duh!

The story is, that I have known I work better with at least two main streams of thought at any given time.  If I can control two thought streams from the start, I can actually get things done.  I flip back and forth between the two like a hose, and a hose with your thumb over it.

Weird analogy… I’m not sure it’ll carry to a well enough audience.  How many kids or aduts have never experiences putting their thumb over the end of a water hose. I just wanted to keep with my water theme because I liked the idea of life just being a virtual *ding infinite number of forks in your life stream and where you end up is 100% based on which forks you take.

I’m close to exhausinting it howevere.


This is a point where I stop. The forks ahead of me are to continue…

I want to write a book.

I can’t write a book.

I want to have a book.  I really do.

WIth a professional, I can curb my live thought streams into meaningful paragraphs. My style and … ha ha ha brain. Nice of you to flash my memory in the middle of a sentence where I was boasting.

Yes, I talk to my brain. We;’ve become a cast of characters in my journals much like Herman’s head… a show that launched the careeers or sunk them depending on who you were. For some reason I didn’t realize, that show had an impact on me and I followed the caereers of that cast till this day.

I was sad they didn;’t mention it much at all when Disney’s version of the same premise was animated and released. I wonder if there were payoffs or threats if it was comparred in the press.  All the papers are owned by so few copanes now, they could easily be blackmailed by Disney.

We do not know, what we do not know.

I secretly suspect it’s so totally above my comprehgension in secrecy, I don’t want to know. Somehow it is comforting to have failth that the world is actually being run by people above the politics we see. I’d love to know a secret society exists, and then know nothing more.  Just for pride… I figured out the world again.


stop. I don’t really think that… but it is fun to use my scenario superpower for good and not evil.

ding. I’ve been simmering a search for who first used those words.  If only he’d used his powers/knowledge/weath/ for good, and not evil.

I belioeve it was Adam West. He died this year but I thgink towards the end, he may have been happier with the respect he got comparred to the ridicule. I’d like to believe he enjoyed nice fans.

Especially when you can have two sets or more. I hope he died happy, rather than sad. He seemed happy in interviews.


Oh look, a zeppelin.

Insert GIF (I will say gif the way I learned, and never know how tall I am in metric. Some things are not worth the effort to change when you have less than half your life left. (grin)


Oh yeah… the project.  Lets pause here and go looking for the plugin to…. do…. Well I can look for a GIF plugin.

I protested the Emoticons and said grin

I protested the LOL and said rLOL

I protested emoticons as replacements for words

I’m seeing some EMOJI can be fun but I’m not ready for it as a language.

However I do love the new trend of GIF replies, which are reaction animations and clips from pop culture.  Instead of sending a 😉 you can send Joey from Friends doing a double take.

You share your reaction with an anagalous imagery. I like it.

For me, it’s a personal message and I hope it generates a smile. I don’t over use it but it can be fun.

In an odd way, these gif animation replies remind me strongly of The Star Trek Next Generation episode Darmock, which is about a world that uses a language they can’t translate. It’s all the same stories, retold in order to represent any topic. Gifs could be used to represent a language.

Hmmm… Think about that.  If Gifs are used correctly, could they be used as a usniversal language understood by any culture and the deaf.

Fact check: Is that essentially what … pause… that ALS guy in the wheelchair.


story time.

I was working in retail sales at the time, and remember this one phone call. To this day, I don’t know the truth. I have met many people who might pull this as a prank, but I have to believe it was real.


Hello?  (me)

Hello.  D..Do you have Wheeeeeeeeeeel of fortune?

(pause, check,)  Yes. Weeee do.

ThThank yoooooou.


I didn’t think much of it.  20 minutes later a customer comes in an appraoches the counter. Before I could hand him his Wheeeeeeeel of fortune, I happened to notice he clearly had a speech issue and the long extension of wheeeeel wasn’t just a fun way to say it, but an actyual tick of his speach.

I made the sale and said nothing about it and the day went on… but I know I got in at least one Weeeeeee and now I’ll know he thinks I mocked him.

I upset somebody without knowing it again. It’s kinda my thing.

I wonder if the others would remember that story if I said Wheeeeel of fortune to them. I suspect maybe… but …


I should share this blog with Chester. IN an odd kind of way he is now my oldest and perhaps closest friend.

I didn’t realiize it till just now, but I like Chester more than any of my other friends… Sorry Derek.

ding.  Should I be using real names?  Well… if these ever becamse public enough to catch attention, everyone is going tio know your friends anyway. You’re a prettyyyyyy… whoa.

I was tyoping to myself as if in third person….  like my typing was talking to me. That was freaky.


10:03.  The dabs are light. I’ll have to test something else tomorrow but alas… the night grows dark when I’m not on anything but THC to keep me up.

A lie. Accidentally. I forgot to be honest. New E came into my life today and I tried some.  In the end, 5.  No real noticable effect although I did have e symptoms I don’t notice, like wanting to reach out and find a friend.

And then go into business with them.

That’s my MDMA … Maaarge, what’s the letters for the pattern crimals might use for their crimes.  Is it just MO?  Motice opperendi ?

If Marge existed, I imagin she would yell back, why are you asking me a question and then answering it in the same sentence?

I’d thank her for not existing, but playing along. Sometimes you just have to stall and fake it till the memory makes it back from the library.

My universe is defined by me, and history is saved in my Library by me.

Self edited. I was going to go strong into my life philosophies and stories but it’s not the right time.

Nobody has even seen these yet.

As far as I’m concered a share not shared is as good as nobody.

That actually makes sense to me, based on my theories and stories. If I’ve shared something (like this post) and you read it but didn’t tell me you’ve read it, then it is as good as not having been read.

My perfect Universe only evolves when I interact and share.

I wanted to delete perfect, because it sounds like I think I’m perfect, and of course I am … pause … I was going to say no… but on second thought… my idea is that I am perfect. I am perfect me. Not flawed.

I have not yet figured out what I’m perfect for… but I fit somewhere.

It’s just hard searching without my [blank].

To me, I only progress in the presence of observation or interaction. I need to be paired to be productive.

I haven’t been for 3 years and I’m lost.

10:14pm Tuesday.

End of part 1.



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