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If it was easier, i’d have me dancing and — No. It c…ah. I was smart, As long as I can see the title, I’ll remember. It’s a parody I hope I don;t get suid over. sued? yes. ding. If…

Asskick Starter and Restarter and Restrter

If it was easier, i’d have me dancing and — No. It c…ah. I was smart, As long as I can see the title, I’ll remember. It’s a parody I hope I don;t get suid over. sued? yes.

ding. If I stop and narrate my thoughts about the spelling of sued, does that make any sense if this isbeing read aloud on a stage or inside a Television screen.

ding STOP, The main focus is a really good story idea, A potential life changer and thats from a night without . redacted,

I have previously dreamed that I just needed to hire myself the get it done person to accomplish and complete the ideas that I started, and as needed, get me involved. Before the 80’s we called them secretaries and although men always held their power, it was clear from the portrayals and life experiences I was exposed to, the secretaries made the man. No. Made the man a success.

I have always believed in myself, as a different thinker, and polite guy to be around. I fully admit drugs have effected me ding is that one of the times I should use affect? I see the loops, and I susect effect/affect will either fade away and be effect, or it will be the nextt grammar flaw to attract attention and take the lead in the cause to educate.

Theme music an lower third banner promotion:

And the you peak, and look over your life from the estimated middle, and BAM. Everything is dofferent, Some have said It’s that instant you turn from liberal to conservative. Democrat to Republican.

It’s that NOW that came eventuntually and instead of an adult, you’re a senior, and what the adults don;t know is it’s like leveling up. You’ve seen enough loops exposed to be pretty good at predicting the future. It’s the past with a new cast for whatever generation they;re calling it next time. Better than the SNL 5 timers club by a mile, but then that’s only a rumour of course.

Take 2.

It’s the NOW that revealed some thought that made some connections,

I’m sorry. Strange background music played he role of shny thing and … pose break.

ding. a message for you sir



sleep before reveal huge billion dollr idea?

that sounds kuje me, like me,

i have that much faith no pride in no confidence,

Pride and joy points that with editing, i could accomplish my main life goal for the part two of my life. The meh. It’s the over the hill, been there, done that mood that follows a eavier drug use period.

That was not how I had intended to end that sentnec that way. I was hijacked.

What if I kept the cameras on with sound and let as many of my descions be crowd sourcesd.

new tern #fansourced

ding. exampke, Is it joy crushing self esteme, or is it just that I’ve been witness to life and its really really shocking when your . ding, that is wrong. I should be giving myself the benefit that I do now and aways have, thought original… except for all those times I memorized every great and not so great sketch or quote from Monty Python.

itll be taken. whoop whoop.

but second layer truth; O\I dont have the spare cash to register it till I confirm short month rent is covered,

Asskickstarter is like a daycare for me, I live in a studio home and actually get things done instead of waiting till I can afford to pay.

I have always enjoyed the luxury of minions, err I mean peons, err I mean people I can pay or otherwise negitiate negotiate. I like to pay people to do the things I won’t complete.

I jave an established phobia of asking.

Secret backsplanation.

ding. Orange Wiki. New entry. backsplation is an explanation founded in a wee worded story that fits the evedance but is really just a guess.

I have had success overpaying people to do little things for me, but vital things. If either of these tape on their glasses nerds have self worth issues at all, then this overpayment adds guilt points. In both cases, friend employees continued on free when my shrinking budge caught up.

book tour. 30 years without asking.

No progress. Only support and maintain.

profits to drugs and gadgets.

ding nested loop close.

If I interacted with webcammers for my life, it could be a fascinating new genre of —

Society needs better mating rituals and I believe — I have so many ideas.

break. I dint last time,

recap. I want to start fresh. Hi, Its

its (python gif)

Orange Jeff NOW

Thats it. It is what it is 0 is the official tag line.

no matter what youve seen, no matter what youve heard, this blog was always created in The Instant I call NOW

Its where the fresh feels premier. Its where smell exists and although your instinct might lead you to think, smell and sound stick around a bit beyond NOW, but in fact — pause. hmmmm… I was going to say we only smell in now, and the past is story but I think smell may linger. unexpected ponder

splash– unexpected ponder. drop breadcrumb


how scared should I be that the roomate in the rest of the home is coughing hard every then.

ding #smilepoint Every then. A new way to end that sentence that works. In those case where youre referring to randomly timed unpredictable coughing. you only know when, after its a then.

I could record each here, but since I’m not recording time with this witing, it would be pointlesss.

ding glad I didnt choose futile. It was offered as a choice.

ding The court of NOW

Life is all desisions.

Bob Barker… No, Drew Carry appears with i giant plinko.

Is it crazy to say I’ve had success with plinko. It decides for me, I like that.

ding loop connect

lost connection. tired.

break, drink, rest,

12:36am Monday. perfect end.