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I don’t know if it’s common or unique to me, but the universe that I live in is separate from the universe that I dream in. The universe of my dreams is fairly consistent in the way that it’s different.…

Alternate Dream Universe

I don’t know if it’s common or unique to me, but the universe that I live in is separate from the universe that I dream in. The universe of my dreams is fairly consistent in the way that it’s different. There are a number of places that are regulars for me although they change minor details from time to time I do seem to hang out a lot in a hotel in Vegas, but I never get to go to the Vegas part of Vegas. The hotel is more out on the side of the airport and too far to walk into the city and the people I’m with never seem interested it’s Vegas.

I’m usually there at a convention of some sort quite often the yearbook convention for school yearbooks although I never actually went to a yearbook convention and I don’t even know if they exist, but I had been to many conventions and I also went to yearbook camp 2 years running when I was in high school. The yearbook convention seems to have replaced that since I suspect yearbooks are almost a thing of the past and most schools probably create them in house and get them printed somewhere. It’s not like it used to be. Before computers.

Another consistency of my dream universe that I only discovered recently takes place in my hometown. I frequently walk up or down the main streets and I have a home, or ride in my parents had a home in a neighborhood that we never did have a home in but it’s distinct in the dream universe. It’s on a section of side streets just west of the golf course and I always have trouble finding it because it’s either one or two streets from the end of the town.

I also have very distinct memories of another family that at some point I must have met in real life but the dream versions of them are totally created in my dream world.

One of the unique aspects of my hometown in the dream universe is the reason for this blog. Last week I casually mentioned that the new section of town in my dream world contained a new main street with an indoor mall and a best buy and a theater and a number of other stores. I quite frequently find myself in this section of town in my dreams for one reason or another. Either shopping for a new phone because my cell phones never work in my dream world or other various reasons.

The thing that fascinates me most about this particular part of town, is that for a while I wasn’t actually sure if it was real in addition to it being in my dream world. In other words I wasn’t sure if I had made that whole section of town up or whether it really was a renovation of my hometown. I know Georgetown has expanded greatly and there’s even a whole new section called Georgetown South with its own schools and strip plazas. But my particular version of the town which also included a transit system similar to an a subway but more quaint, almost like the streetcars of San Francisco.

I could visualize this both in my dreams and afterwards with just enough detail to believe that I might have been on it once.

Last week in a blog I mentioned that I wasn’t positive didn’t exist so I find it quite interesting that 2 days ago, I dreamed about hanging out with an old school friend Norman Bourassa and one of my main objectives was to get him to drive me to that neighborhood to see whether or not I had imagined it. He hadn’t been back to Georgetown in many years either so he was curious to know if this transit system that traveled from North Georgetown to South Georgetown was real or not.

It was. It was there. The problem of course is that my confirmation of its existence was in a dream so it doesn’t really hold any water. It was just a fascinating examination of the way my mind works.

It reminds me of the way my dream universe tried so hard to convince me I could fly even after confirming that I could only fly in the dream world. I don’t fly as often anymore but every now and then, I can do it without waking up realizing I’m dreaming.

Ind y years between realizing I couldn’t fly and now, I have traveled through my dreams in a office chair on wheels for several months, thinking that was totally unusual but not impossible. I have often used wheeled office chairs to move around. In the dreams of course I would move around the town in such chairs.

Then there was the two years that I was a master at rollerblades and I never took them off and everywhere I went I was on rollerblades. I would have to assure people that I was skilled and would not stumble whenever I went into a shop.

I’ve also had various incarnations of things on my feet and all sorts of imagination created methods of avoiding walking. Walking in a dream takes a lot of time. Sliding on a homemade surfboard for the worn down soles of boots with speeds and skills is a story in itself and not just time consuming walking.

I seem to be able to do all of these things that I realizing it’s a dream. I don’t believe I’ve ever walked.

Sometimes I get a little bit confused about my skill set to replace walking. The most common of which is the superpower that I have in all my dreams of being able to jump down any height and land without injury. I’m so confident of this skill I’ve even done it in front of people and I never have to go down stairs at all. There were a few times in my real world life where I thought maybe I can jump to the bottom of the stairs without walking.

Luckily I never tried. It is interesting when my real world suddenly remembers and realizes something that’s been happening as a standard occurrence in my dream universe. I remember very clearly the first time I realized in the real world that I was flying in the dream world and that I couldn’t.

As funny as it may sound, I said it out loud in front of people as I realized it in the middle of someone else’s conversation. I wasn’t really listening to them but something they said must have sparked my imagination and I recalled the dream universe. I said out loud; Oh wow. I just realized I can’t fly.

Needless to say I dominated the conversation for the next few minutes as people looked at me strangely. I had to explain that I wasn’t on no fly list or afraid of airplanes. I just literally meant I discovered and realized that I could only fly in my dreams.

I imagine to people who don’t dream like I do, or don’t remember their dreams like I do this may sound like madness. To be fair, it may be. However I learned at a very early age to start writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up and before long it became enough of a habit that I remember them vividly. Sometimes though, I don’t remember the one I wake up but I do flash back to them in the middle of the day for whatever reason.

It’s always a bit of a joy to remember a dream I’ve had. One of the most interesting things about dreaming is that you can remember them at any time, but you can’t remember when you had them. I literally have no idea whether my memories are from last night or last week or last month. I just remembered them as something that happened in that universe that I didn’t notice until that moment.

I hope this continues and, if I do happen to lose my mental facilities as I age like my grandfather and my mother and my father all did, I can be happy knowing that even if I’m not making sense to the outside world, I will probably still be enjoying my dreams both while asleep, and perhaps while awake in the future of my aging life.

Good night. Sweet dreams.


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