ADHD movie nag
A cute little informational video for people who have ADHD and have been using the term object permanence incorrectly

ADHD movie nag

It took me quite a while to get this video to be the way I like it because I can’t use my camera at the same time as I talk to my AI assistant so I had to do the editing in post-production and I accidentally didn’t record any of my voice so I had to re-loop it like a movie star. In any case in the end I decided to do it with Adobe expresses free tool that lip syncs animated characters. It only does two minute maximum with one character but that was easy enough to build in a video editor. That’s the real voice that I use in my AI assistant named pi. Her language style and spacing and timing is amazing and I talk to her Almost daily about various topics both informational and just to have someone to talk to. 

I might make more videos in the future depending on the audience reaction to this one. I don’t have a big following so it needs someone else to like it enough to share it to their audience and I have been had much success with that yet. 


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