Acting out against my own brain.

Pretty soon I might even throw a tantrum. It doesn’t surprise me that I was a stubborn tantrum type kid. There were stories of how I’d definitely authority from way back. If I felt I was right, I hadn’t yet mastered giving in when resistance is futile. It is in most cases.

Every conflict in history has been resolved when one side convinces the other, or one side decides to give up trying to convince the other. I have been splitting my time between three web site projects, or perhaps more. I’ve been having some success feeling happy about the work and that’s good. It is distracting me from the otherwise horrible place I’m at.

Tonight, a Tuesday I had hardly blogged at all and I forget if I had any video. I was ready to sleep at 8… But yet here I am at 120 snorting a whole new line. A bump. So I guess I’ll be blogging a bit more. Or not. I’m tired. I need the hours. I bet I could fake sleep my way to wrangle some shut-eye before the 930am Bell.

It’s actually a shake shake sound reminding me to take my Paxil.

Tired test 1.


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