A streak, straight along a line

Every once in a while I get a PP with the mini fantasy that one day, students would be trying to figure out what some of my titles meant..  In the previous blog which I should attach somehow, I started…

Every once in a while I get a PP with the mini fantasy that one day, students would be trying to figure out what some of my titles meant.. 

In the previous blog which I should attach somehow, I started to describe the streak I was with regards to humour and attention on Facebook, and more recntly in general on Whisper Chat and Facebook and others.

I’ve been enjoying being funny, and especially when at least one person thumbs up me. That doesn’t sound right.  No, I should say right. It sounds quite right to sme people I imagine. I didn’t need to imagine, and now I have that white collar blue hand up somebody’ss ass in my head.

Moving on, Ignoring the previosu paragraph in this writing, I did spend a lot of time on Facebook this morning, and I suspect it showed. In my head, I choose to believe people would care and notice, but I can’t use myself as an example. I only think about myself 24/7… at least on weekends now and then.

I have learned that trait is far more prevelant than I would have imagined. An awful lot of people are thinking about themselves at any given minute. Our minds don’t naturally think of anyone else – ever unless prompted or dircted to those toughts by some external force.

That was a huge lightbulb moment, and tio some extent it happened just as I was writig it, I wonder if that could be rue on much bigger numbers. Does the human mind in general not have the creativity to — no, that is absurd. Of course we can imagine thoughts from scratch… If every thought were to need influence, then a lot of other pieces to my puzzle would have a new way to tell my story. I’ve always assumed this style of thought was my own. My recipie of thoughts that was a mix of the A.DD brain and the low self esteme brain and the OCD brain.

I must say, I have really enjoyed this creative writing hobby as a way to deepen my understanding of where all those things came from. Some, like my obcession to always be on time and never late is one of my most respected qualities, learned from my father. Not inherited as one had previosuly believed.

Everything that ever happened in our universe, happend in our past, at the moment of now. The edge of forward moving time. Every descion or change happens in the moment of now. For everyone. EVerywhere.

pause. I am sorry. I have no idea why I dropped that statement in here. I suspect I had an idea for a new direction but it seems very non sequiter to me.

I have several storie about the word non sequiter, but they all belong to one man, and I choose not to tellthat whole set of stories at this time.

May that be a blog of it’s own one day, after I master the art of writing one story at atime… which may very wellbe otherwise known as, when I figure out how to motivate myself ti write when I am not high on weed. The stories of Saul are some pretty cool stories. He is another in the top 10 people I knew I think might have been friends if the current chose a different fork.

ding. That’s the prolem with blogs. They;re read backwards and it’s no fun to figure out what I meant in a phrase, two weeks from now, reading a blog from a year ago.

WHen I writ my first BOOK, I wrote it to be enjoyed in any order. The pages were each seperate and so I proclaimed it could be read back to front, front to back or start in the middle and read both ays. I think I might have suggested that you buy multoiple copies so you could do all at once.

Personal blogs work that way, but are not always written that way.

I think I am ready for that pose break I called for long ago. I’ve said my piece… except the explanation link to the title.

I wonder if my sudden appearance and streak of what I thought were mostly winning jokes, retorts shares and posts this morning on Facebook.  I had a blast and got the LIKE equivilant of a smile.

Then I ythought, I wonder if those in the know, think to themselves; Oh. It looks like Jeff is using again.

They may think that now, or not. But when I fall, soon I would suppose, many more will be thinking it in hindsite.

I’d like to think that the world noticed things the way I do, but I know deep down, I don’t. I just think I do, and that is the same thing as long as nobody chalenges. I only notice you if it benefits me somehow.

is that true?

I’ll break and leave that as if I assumed it was retorical.

end of part 2… one continuous thought.

OOO.. I like that. It desrves to be a HEADLINER!

That might even be a good book title.