A new Monday. Begin.
It turned out today was not the start of my new year. Maybe tomorrow.

A new Monday. Begin.

I woke up today at 6.00am after a nice sleep. Had some cool dreams I’ve already forgotten. I’m not certain, but I think today is different. I think I’m alone in the house again, in charge of feeding the animals.

We didn’t discuss it, so he could still be here, sleeping. I’m going to get up shortly and take out my garbage, and see if his car is in the driveway.

When he’s stressed, I’m stressed. Things have not gone well for him the last few weeks. He is hard to predict. I never really feel confident I won’t be evicted in an angry outburst. I hope things return to a more normal routine today.

Although sleeping in till 9am was nice.

Updated at noon. I heard him in the house, and went back to sleep till noon. I risk getting yelled at for not taking out my garbage and recycled but the sleep was good.

At noon, I woke up and dosed to start my day. It wasn’t successful till the fourth dose.

update 2.

I stayed in bed doing nothing except scanning Instagram till 3pm. Now I’m getting up… Mostly just to pee.