A lot of forgetting this weekend.
I decided it was time to blog about my wild weekend since they don’t happen very often. The landlord had invited his son over and we sat in the kitchen the three of us and got super high on weed and lines of coke. Lots of lines of coke.. I didn’t sleep Friday but I… Read More »

A lot of forgetting this weekend.

I decided it was time to blog about my wild weekend since they don’t happen very often. The landlord had invited his son over and we sat in the kitchen the three of us and got super high on weed and lines of coke. Lots of lines of coke..

I didn’t sleep Friday but I did sleep in Saturday and then Sunday I took two of the Tesla Molly pills that I absolutely love. They are my favorite drug I just wish I could find people to do it with but I understand why that’s difficult.

So Sunday I stayed in my room on Molly playing second life and porn and hypnosis in rotation because the Molly was so good but couldn’t get a hard on until 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. the next morning.

I’m not complaining about the number of orgasms I had this weekend. The nice part was that somewhere extended time and I loved every minute of it.

Today it’s now 6:00 p.m. on Monday. Have you been scraped a little bit of meth out of old pipes yet again and blew a few white clouds. That’s probably what will keep me up tonight

But I miss having vendors so I have no regrets to this. I met a really cool escort in second Life and we spent about 5 hours together.

Everything is gone now but the weed. I even got some dabs in this afternoon but they didn’t seem as strong as I remember. Perhaps the pieces were too tiny.

All in all I had a happy and high time and I don’t think I did too much wrong although I’m sure something will come up. I know I didn’t open the chicken scratch.

I had one of those weed stoner conversations weed stoners frequently engage in. It took me a long time in my self teachings of drugs, to learn that pretty much everything said the night of the high, it doesn’t require follow-up the next day. Business deals, great plans, all gone the next day.

I never quite got the hang of that. If I had a great idea when I was high, I really wanted to write it down to see if it was a great idea to tomorrow or whether it’s another one of those stone or ideas.

I never met a stoner that told me they didn’t have a bunch of ideas they wish they could tackle and make money. They all have great ideas. Sometimes they remember them.

I shared my business idea with his son who was higher than me and he obsessed over how amazing it was for a day and a half,

since I was on ecstasy, my routine is to always try and go into business with whoever standing next to me. My goal is to get somebody who just clicks with me enough that we can chat every day and keep something in motion. That’s the part I can’t do.

It seemed like he was all up for it. Being my keep things interesting partner that didn’t really have to do too much except be a sounding board and not be offended when I ignored most of what they say.

Later on into the night he qualified his job by saying he would be there anytime I want but I had to do the calling and that’s precisely the job that I was looking for.

So we’ll see. The idea that he was gung-ho obsessed over is actually a lot of effort for no payoff. In essence, a stoner idea.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be excited about making other products. He gets the idea even though he doesn’t play second life, he understands that some people do.

I’m still very much interested in the idea of making money not in second life by selling services for use in second life. Like second locations to bars and head shops and former vapor lounges.

Toronto had a number of really friendly places where you could hang out and smoke weed before it was legal. My first experience with this one was a nice little shop when Kensington market with an open area behind the store and they just let people smoke there..

I meant several friends back when I was still able to muster up courage to talk to somebody, aided by weed of course.

I also met Woody Harrelson who apparently stopped by there when he comes into Toronto. Sadly it is gone now. They’re all gone now which was a shame because they were a really nice community center for people that don’t get drunk.

Maybe I can bring that back.

Pretty voices don’t need model bodies.

Good income opportunity.

Business Idea:

As an old drug user, I may not have sat in a rocking chair on the porch, but I have observed life while living in it. I’ve been a drug user since I was 25, and I’ve experienced all sorts of stories both good and bad. I’ve lost money. I’ve lost time. I’ve even lost my mind a couple of times.

But my new philosophy is to just chill. Being angry at things that are out of your control is an emotion you don’t really need that that moment.

I go with the flow.


accept and adapt.

I’m still scared of way too many things but many of them I’m confident I would do at the coaxing of a smiling woman’s face. I do an awful lot to keep the smiles coming.

Many would say too often do I go for the punch line when I shouldn’t have. I say I’m getting better but I’m not sure I am because the opportunities are not frequent in my current life situation.

It impresses me, how well I handle live interactions between myself and a pretty voice with a beautiful second life body.

Especially on Molly, I fall in love instantly and wants to follow her around and be in service. I say yes to many things on Molly. It has gotten into trouble but my kind of trouble is pretty lame compared to many of the people in the drug community.

They’re fascinating to me. What choices lead someone to a hard life. It’s not always about the drugs.

It usually is but it’s not always.


End of part 1


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