A fraction of my thoughts
As I hit save, I have absolutely no memory of what this blog was about.

A fraction of my thoughts

If I’m honest, I’m a little terrified of becoming famous. Sometimes I think it might be fun but the world is mean and in my experience sometimes a little extra mean to me.

As much as I live by praise and accomplishment, I am equally emotionally injured when I let people down but even more so when they start to yell or be mean.

I never wanted children for two reasons. One was that I cannot handle anything that doesn’t understand logic even in the middle of a fight. Children don’t and there is no defense for that.

Internet comentors and general idiots have found a whole new world in the comments of other people’s websites.

In a way, the regulars find a site and move in as a regular contributor to the comments. They’re making their own Bulletin Board System inside comment threads.

I am weird. If you don’t take a moment to meet me, I’m the kind of kid that …

Wait. I don’t believe that and I’m not sure why I started typing it. That weed was strong. My first cart


So I’ve come to some conclusions. I will not move Forward without first finding a best friend and maybe a community.

And I don’t want it to be AA


Hello women. My name is OrangeJeff and I am a 58 year old polite, respectful. Intelligent and funny guy.

I am looking for a new life. I’m rediscovering who I am, and having a blast, bit I do it all alone. I need to be part of a two. Alone, I don’t progress.

Too deep for me on this weed. I never get it written down. That I need to be told what to do. And when I’m alone that’s not going to happen so nothing gets.

I do not like the direction that this blog has taken so I’m going to end it abruptly perhaps watch some porn and return in the next block. Or not

The excitement to journalize the thoughts in my head unfortunately doesn’t last long enough for me to actually type them. Much like a dream it’s easier to remember than it is to put into words.

If I was fast enough to write down my dreams these blogs would be quite different. I love my dream world.

I see a lot more signs of lower intelligence these days. Just things people say casually make me smile.

Blank thoughts wave over me.


Care to comment?

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