A Banner idea
Styles and filters in bulk

A Banner idea

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  • stay-trippy-lil-hippy: We should all be nice to one another ???????? I am.
  • This or that

    This or that

    I don’t think I have mentioned how I only recently I realized how I used to turn anything and everything …
  • Too depressed to tell you about it.

    Too depressed to tell you about it.

    I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in my alternate uinverse with the high version of me. ¬†Orange Jeff. …
  • Miscellaneous specifics

    Miscellaneous specifics

    This an open note on my desktop, so I can write down any burst out ideas while I try to …


    If you believe that the story is the only prize. The story is all. The storyeller are the winners. If …


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