7am. Time to stop
Just trying some of the newer templates.
  • I hate coke, but that doesn’t mean I’m not having a gram delivered tonight.
  • Dear sir

    Dear sir

    I have been waiting 4 to 6 weeks already for delivery of my bumper sticker and sweater pin that say; …
  • Saturday – long naps

    Saturday – long naps

    I’m trying to extend the last tiny bit of the drug I have remaining. I started off using some of …
  • Most of us are Criminals.

    Most of us are Criminals.

    ¬† Life is full of rules. Some we don’t really care about breaking, and some we do. We’ve made the …
  • catsbeaversandducks: Her name is Muppet and she has a beautiful moustache. Photos by¬†Muppet the Moustached Cat


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