I wasn’t going to do it, but i did.

 I wasn’t going to do it but I did. It’s usually the reverse. There was a reluctance tonight about blogging, for a number of reasons. I’ve been stressing in my head over one of those rash decisions I sometimes make,…

 I wasn’t going to do it but I did. It’s usually the reverse.

There was a reluctance tonight about blogging, for a number of reasons. I’ve been stressing in my head over one of those rash decisions I sometimes make, right out if the orange.

Why orange? It occurs to me that I have absolutely no idea what out of the blue means and yet I accept it as a common enough phrase that my audience will know it means… Oh.  Out of thin air. The sky. Blue. Out of the orange was silly. Trying to hard. I’m glad I made the choice to not make everything orange. 

I wonder why this keyboard has no dictionary? I think I will pause here and load the Grammarly keyboard. It’s not as good as the windows version, but it is quite good, and it won’t oops up pops that animated gif of Ferris Beuler everytime I overshoot the ! or the period on the screen. 

End of reluctant part 1. So I guess I’m doing this for a while.

…or not

Oops. Wrong blog. I was writing this on one of the old domains I merged into this one. This is the new home of Orange Shirt Blogs!

It’s like driving to your old house after you move… Except with an auto drive car and the wrong present button because I just clicked an icon to blog this and I just noticed when I went to save and the categories were wrong.

Part 2. Some shiny distractions before I get to the reluctant part. I have forgiven myself and am glad I blogged, but then I always am. I am always happiest in the now. It’s the before and after that, I’m working to improve. 

Note 1. I switched from tablet mode to desktop mode and. Like it. There is a lot more on the screen but at this moment it seems faster. The system of scrolling is less taxing perhaps. In any case, I love it.

Note 2. I switched to the Grammarly keyboard and configured it to be pretty much identical to the visual appearance of the GBoard by Google, so I’m loving it too.

I’m growing a bit weary again so I’ll l try to sum up the headline story. In a moment of — I don’t know what to call it. I just shared this blog with someone I know, but wasn’t in the first round of intervention. Friends who might be shocked. I did one at first, then another and within a few minutes, I had shared it with about 10 people ill call close acquaintances who might not have known about weed, or any of it and a few who knew some level.

It was spontaneous. I had just been hit by a pride wave after completing something and I shared, even though this is it. This is all the stories good and bad and worse. It even includes the ones I had kept private. 

Holy crap. I did it. I exposed myself to peers including the recent ones which are pretty edgy and the complete crazy Ketamine ones where I thought I was communicating by typing a single key for every word for pages. 

Then I remembered that golden rule I wrote about just recently. Never underestimate how little time anyone thinks of anyone else, without an external prompt or task. I had shared, and I’m sure most, if not all of them clicked the kink, saw the design sbd them, complimented me on the web design if a blog, and moved on. That’s pretty much what id have done, and in fact did, exactly that. One returned my share with their own personal journal. I clicked the link, looked, but instead of replying with a nice compliment as was the courtesy id been afforded.


Instead of that, I insulted it, bit very nearly. I think I kind of insulted it. I can’t decide if that’s who I am, it whether the drugs have me sharing negativity. I have a feeling I might have insulted this blog no matter my age it mood. It insulted me.

I exaggerate and understand. It’s an old blog, started way back in the days even before XP. In the early Netscape era when Yahoo was king a solid green background with yellow and red lettering was actually one if the 5 blogging presets on sites like… Hmmm.. Geocities and trio something? I already owned my hosting company by then so free hosts have always been the enemy.

The ding above was a reminder to me, that if I choose, I could tell the side story continued from a previous post. I was waiting for a good example of when I start a compound sentence but end up wanting it to be two sentences.

Aw, nevermind. I’m tired and I have to out my teeth back in for bed. The lip/gum rolling is bothersome.

End of part two.

Sleep trial. 128am. Holy shit when did that happen? It wasv1130 when I decided id blog till midnight.

Oops. Tomorrow is a workday morning.

Oh well… I’m Superman. When people call, I turn into Ckark and solve them. I just wish I could fly like in my dreams.

End part 2 take 2

Definitely, liking the new keyboard and layout.