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  • The early bird special

    The early bird special

    It’s the first nice day after 4 days of rain so the animals are happy to be outside. I am …
  • My Insomnia isn’t Insomnia

    My Insomnia isn’t Insomnia

    I had not slept well the last three nights mostly be a of my stupidity and an old addict trick. …
  • The Universe Provides

    The Universe Provides

    The thing I find the most curious about life, is the way the universe provides. I have said it often, …
  • The ultimatum

    The ultimatum

    the sunday ultimatum. 3:00 a.m. I am currently struggling with the decision to try and get some sleep, or to …
  • 2am Wednesday

    2am Wednesday

    It wasn’t a productive day and I had little to do officially, so I mostly tried to get higher, but …


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