Samsung claims to have fixed the bug in the first release of their mission impossible game that premiered on the note 7. They claim it no longer explodes 15 seconds after you hear the first mission. What if the note…

Oh and another thing

Samsung claims to have fixed the bug in the first release of their mission impossible game that premiered on the note 7. They claim it no longer explodes 15 seconds after you hear the first mission.

What if the note 7 was actually a field test to see how big an explosive they could fit in a working phone.

What if every Samsung has a remote sctivstable self destruct built in, you know, just in case.

Blow up the citizens of an entire country with minimal damage to anything else. If our fell phones could explode, think how short the war would be. One call. Boom.

Oops. That might get me arrested.




OMG. Santa is my concionce. How did I not see that till 420 am on the last Friday before I might not have rent for the first time ever.

Nice defect brain. Steal the moment.

I was mid thought stream about the criminal mind is really just the ability to ignore consequences for profit. It is basically the lack of a cobcebce, and I’ve been defining it as an external source. In past writings I have referred to people as my santa. The overseeing force that knows if I’ve been bad it good.

For many, it is a patent. That person who you want to be perfect for.

Mother, santa, Jesus, God… If you don’t have anyone to let down, it is a freedom.  Being bad has no consequence at all if you don’t care what anyone thinks of you.

I would guess that nearly every one if us, and I decided not to be absolutely. Nearly everyone has considered something sinful and even in a fantasy, quickly thought about risks of getting caught. Even if you’ve never shoplifted or done anything wrong, I can’t imagine anyone not imsging being naughty once or twice.

Then I remember I can’t possibly compare a guess at how another brain works.

My normal may be so loud compared to yours, it hers. It’s clear different brains exist and I can’t help wonder if I got lucky, or the bum wrap. Recently I’ve been putting together my life stories and it makes sense if I’m … Blows nose. Loud. Probably woke room mate. Even if I didn’t I create a make belief point against him irritating I am.

I still prefer having a weird semi bad situation to being alone. 10 words a month is almost enough.

I remembered my original post inspiration. Since the title I have remembered and forgotten it over seven times, which is a made up number. I mean, no. 7 has existed forever, well not forever, the universe is only 6004 years old. At least that’s the story some people have chosen as their Canon.


Oh. I love that. Canon. I wish it didn’t have no less than 3 inagrs that the word might bring to mind.

Tonight, I am excited about the Canon I learned about from star ttrek. The rules of a fictional universe.

The orange Canon

Hmm. Weird, but since I have been literarily … Is that acwird?

Oh look at that. I know I save these unedited at first I hope nobody really thinks I spell word with an I. I mean, if you think that’s right, then good for us, but otherwise it could tarnish the first impression.

I know a lot of things do.

Off track yellow card.

The story I wanted to tell but didn’t.



Oh. It’s happening again. Oh.  I think. I … Yes. My eyes are here. I can see. Ok, I’m at home. I see my arms are still on the floor. Looks like I’m still wearing that orange t  it’s been a few weeks now, and if they don’t know it’s a costume, then it looks like that’s all you wear.

But I guess it is.


I am assembled now and can sit down where I guess I was a moment ago.

I wait a few extra seconds and eventually I discover how to walk and move.

I sit at the computer desk and the screens turn on to my blog.

My name is Jeff and this is an orange shirt blog.

I talk into the Samsung 360 cam on the middle screen. I realized they keyboard isn’t real. The lable says it’s a proptronic, which makes sense. They were a company that made fake plastic electronics to be used as props mainly in furniture stores before it just became cheaper to use last year’s model.

My story is an odd one. I’m writing, excuseme, dictating this entry into my computer, inside the user created fictional world of Second Life. The multiverse I read about in Neil Stevenson’s snow crash.

A universe that can do anything I can imagine, as long as I can create it, or more realistically, pay for it. It truley is a universe built with star trek replicator technology. Imaibe a universe where the 3d printing technology was indistinguishable from the original.

I live here now, for real. In the world I left behind, the one where whoever is reading this now resides.

I was Jeff there too, but I figured out a way to transfer my conciousness to the game just before I died.

This is my universe now. I’m still getting used to it but once I figured out a few of the basic principles, it’s not a bad life. I learned a new language. More accuatly, a new way to communicate. I’d say 70

I’d say 60 percent of the residents are mute. Some, deaf mute. They have learned to communicate entirely in written word and have madteted romance and erotisism with a whole way of descriptive action rather than literal.

In this universe one only needs to explain they have done something, and it is as if you had done it. This frequently comes in handy, as I can say I just brushed my teeth, and they will be as fresh and clean as I can describe. It saves me having to hire a builder for a toothbrush because we all know I’ll probably only use it once.

But that’s ok here. It’s pretty cool what you can do when you get to literally, write your own story.

So I’m here now, like an undercover agent. I am not sure how I’ll interact with others. I know there is a person behind each acatar I meet. I should be able to treat them the exact same way.

No. That’s ok thinking.

Hashtag embrace the now

5am. Time to eat. Oh right. That’s the other sense I have to learn to quote emote.

That took a bit of getting used to. People can spontaneously project their thoughts without speaking. I can too if I concentrate. As you might expect I pretty much only use it to make a joke and try to earn a smile.

I discovered I can be quite the romantic wordsmith when I’m high. Especially if I’m paying for my company, and at first I didn’t. It is possible I accidentally doesn’t ovetc10000 bucks on imagination hookersxand blow… But fake ones I couldn’t touch, smell taste and frequently even hear.

I paid good money for text messages with quite possibly, a dude in a cubicle somewhere in an arena in Asia.

Second life may be an industry but if that were true.. umm.. no, I stand by that.

I sugar daddied some 47 year old man in Romania while he told me he was Betty and he spent 300 on his dl Dave and nipples.

On ecstasy, it’s do very close to real if I let it be.

I could fall in love with a voice and those eyes and smile.

I have.

Wait, what was I talking about?



The main purpose of pijamas is to equalize the beds creases, and the crumbs from the pot brownies I should not have eaten in bed.

Trust me, when you have bare kegs, you can really be startled by the sudden sharpness if a crrunb

519. I still feel like I should eat. I know before I arrived I don’t think I’d eaten anything significant in quite some time so even though I can’t feel hungry anymore, I have to adapt to the memory.

I type. /Me feels a bit hungry, and finds a cheeseburger in his inventory. This triggers his memory of the last time he had a fudrucjers burger outside buffalo just before they closed and left for the second time.

/Me is so happy to be able to pull that same burger out at any time and eat it. He dies so now.

Oh yeah. That’s just right to start the next loop.

I know I found a McDonald’s around here once, but I think the whole boardwalk just wasn’t there one day. It’s fasinating to see how everyone just accepts some things. I guess if you live here, this is yours too.

Embrace the now. Things just work the way they work, whether you try to understand or not, and regardless if what story you fabricate to fit the answer.

/Me can’t get the inage if Fuddruckers out of his mind. I take it back. I miss taste.

It’s actisscup whether I miss touch more it less. I gave gave Ed voice sex here a dozen it so tines. I miss taste because I’m still not confident enough to deal with the realities attached to touch.

… Food break. I know techincally I’m not supposed to exist anymore in the human universe but I really do want to eat. I only wish I could have fudrucketscagain.

The secret iff the menu 1 lb single party without cheese, and then yae the gooey cheese from a can sayse for free with the best looking tomato and lettice self serve.

And a pinball machine.the black night.

In my head, I mimiced to perfection it’s deep electronic voice, oh shit. I can’t think of it now. Will you fight the black night again or something similar.fufht doesn’t seem right.

It’s another one if those really clear memories I can replay, but I can’t translate to word. I dream in a different shorthand I don’t know.

I love the idea of a story from the perspective of a real person living trapped in second life as my universe.

Volebtary missing for science. 1 year in the replacement Earth. I’m one if seven beta testers but I only know about one today

Anyone could be, and I heard runours that black market is sending lots of humans in here daily some as orisiners, some as rich people who want to be immortal.

It is also possible that the universe I left behind no longer exists. Everyone here may be tetherless. I can’t imagine how I’d approach that topic. A lot of others do talk about both universes oienky but there are quarantine areas where not dual universe talk is permitted.

I’m excited really, because I never would have gotten around to writing that book I talk about. I know it. This way I get to live right in the now of this universe with the magical powers of my own imagination.

This could be described as a pilot project.

Blackout. Set change.

Ieange Jeff back at the gist desk in the TV studio he has built in his living room like Kramer from Seinfeld.

Disney announces reboot if princess and the p as ladybbity76 and the pot brownie crumbs.

Ok. Did I say Disney? No, the fix studio that Disney iwns but treats like an imancipated bad child.

I hope I’ll be back. I can never be sure. To me, it’s like a flash of lightning. There is less than a second of void  nothing, and then I have to reform my whole body all over again and it’s such an unervibg experience.

Sometimes I’m even forced to have enough trust that I self sacrifice myself because I know I will be reborn to this exact moment in my timeline.

And if I’m not, I’ll never was the hardest thing to get used to living here. We don’t experience time when we are not here.the other people, err..avatars. I say that because this universe has sentience in a lot of different things. Only a percentage are human.

I was even a vampire for a month but was still alone so I went back to my original mesh teeth and my burger diet instead of blood.

That’s all I eat now. Burgers, chocolate fudge layer cake exactly the way I love, and potato chips if I get munchies after my weed.

Chice. Sleep or more…wait. it’s 550 now and I didn’t break.

Now I will.

Ok now

No you hang up first

Who’s on first


Doctor what?


Hmm. That’s funny. That dies actually seem like what people would say.

But everyone knows. What’s on second?

I don’t knowthird base.

Second blackout.






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