45 seconds of work.
A revelation and attitude change towards partial procrastination on layaway, making small changes over time instead of just ignoring things.

45 seconds of work.

My web customer nagged me today in a very polite way. I’m hard on myself for allowing the job to be ignored for so long so I’ll start on it again tomorrow with this new reminder. The squeaky wheel.

Another customer called and needed my attention. I’ll call him back tomorrow. Both are asking to pay me, which is always a good feeling.

I resolved my bank issues in 30 minutes while standing at Walmart when the card was declined. In the middle of the week it had also been declined at PayPal and my server company. Neither would accept payments through my card and that was having difficulty figuring out why but when I was at Walmart with my groceries on the cashier conveyor belt it had to be resolved. It was. 

So now I should be able to pay my invoices and bring my PayPal back up to a positive balance just in time to pay the next series of mid-month invoices before I am broke again. 

This is a low invoice month so those two customers asking to pay me were one of those nice coincidences that sometimes make you think the universe provides. 

Over the last 3 months I have actually been doing amazingly well at progressing in that special way that makes it feel like progress but. No. No but. One thing I learned from the craziness of my previous residence, is that it’s actually a workable plan to do very small increments of several things as you walk around and live life. I don’t have to sit down and complete that project today but if I can do 3 minutes of work on it it is no longer abandoned. It is a work in progress and maybe I’ll do 6 minutes tomorrow. 

This either sounds like a good idea or a crazy idea depending on your perspective of ADHD. I will say this. Doing little bits of lots of projects in progress fills my day and feels good. I’ve been trying to get some things done for years and in the past 3 months I have tried and failed at many attempts and I will continue to do that until one of them succeeds. Every few days I try a new method of getting my camera and apps to work with the microphones simultaneously. Every few days I try a different way to get the web to turn on my lava lamps or in this case $3 Chinese novelty LED lights that brighten the ceiling with colorful glows. 

Challenges in 15 minutes or less per trial are not overwhelming and even if I fail, they do give a sense of progress and accomplishment. Steve Job said every failure isn’t a failure it’s a way not to do it. That is very poorly paraphrased because I couldn’t think of the quote while I was typing. It might not even be Steve Jobs. 

I asked ChatGPT because Pi was busy.




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