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  • Pauseandblog: Survivor

    Pauseandblog: Survivor

    Pauseandblog: Survivor Pauseandblog. A word I made up for when I pause, and blog about the TV show I am …
  • Hair transformation

    Hair transformation

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  • Wednesday? Already?

    Wednesday? Already?

    My slump is well into week two. I don’t feel like — like anything. Blah. It’s been a while. Related …
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  • denvercaphilldabber: Drop a dab with me @smokinghiigh @smoketogethighcustheworldissolow @smileyvamp @andthesorcerersstoned @ganja-kittenn @crabbybun @stonerrose @ha-ha-charadeyouare @weed-breath @thc-mx @godshideouscreation I was doing …


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