breathtakingdestinations: Toronto – Ontario – Canada (by Michael Muraz)  Related posts: What I watch. 2013 Edition Pass GO. Collect deals.


Toronto – Ontario – Canada (by Michael Muraz



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  • Is discussion a spolier?

    Is discussion a spolier?

    Spoilers: possible Spolier for The Good Place.
  • Clouds Clouds Clouds

    Clouds Clouds Clouds

    Related posts: Cloudy Collage of Selfies Saturday and Sunday 4am Happy High Sunday Funnies
  • Dark Chocolate Dabs

    Dark Chocolate Dabs

    They say dark chocolate has healing powers. Related posts: Bad pre-sleep snack Unnecessary Highness If this works, I’ll call today …
  • I’m choosing the bad speculation

    I’m choosing the bad speculation

    There is much noise in the home this morning. I hear the noise being at least a bit intentional, almost …
  • Sunday TV Project

    Sunday TV Project

    It's only 2pm and I have accomplished a lot of fun projects. This is one of them.


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