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  • Breakfast Munchies

    Breakfast Munchies

    Canadian Breakfast of those who never quite went to sleep. Morning Munchies! Related posts: Sleep issues solved? I am an …
  • drugscontrol:Stay high!

    drugscontrol:Stay high!

    drugscontrol: Stay high! Related posts: Yet another automatic movie created while I should have been doing other stuff. Sunday Catch …
  • Weed High

    Weed High

    Weed high With some week blotter sold as lsd.  Suspect. Anyway, juist had an extreme e orgasm.  Heartrate changing wow. …
  • lameeejaneee: I just have to give a quick shout out! Everyone needs to be following @plaidradlunatic because I say so! …
  • spanky119: sunbeamsandshootingstars: Grey tank top U can tell that good one when those nipples spring up I’d love that life …


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