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  • The Post High Post

    The Post High Post

    I had forgotten how much I missed the high of not being high.It’s returned this week, faster than expected. A …
  • If I think I’m making progress, am I?

    If I think I’m making progress, am I?

    Or is that just basketball? I have convinced myself that all along, everything was progress. I take it slow so …
  • Burning the 3am oil

    Burning the 3am oil

    I was up anyway… So I reached for my empty bong and got two hits out of the oil residue …
  • stay-trippy-lil-hippy: We should all be nice to one another ???????? I am. Related posts:
  • Tuesday Morning Routine

    Tuesday Morning Routine

    A lot of people have coffee in the morning and talk about it for hours. They talk about the kind …


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