Did I really see this? Related posts: Punchline it forward

Did I really see this?



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  • Interesting or weird?

    Interesting or weird?

    A brief evaluation of my current situation.
  • baxyyek: hijessica: Being normal is boring. ???? Be weird, be crazy, be YOURSELF. You’ll always have haters, so just do …
  • The 420 toast

    The 420 toast

    It was 420am. On a Saturday. We’ve sung that song already but as I was blogging the 4:20 report here, …
  • Smoking on Camera

    Smoking on Camera

    Testing new view with lots of windows active
  • The flickering Lightgbulb.

    The flickering Lightgbulb.

    My brain is not in the best blogging form today, and it’s ben that way a while.  Its too bad, …


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