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  • That Multi-Use Urban Park. Spring Love.

    That Multi-Use Urban Park. Spring Love.

    I just witnessed one of the coolest things ever. It seems the park bench I chose to sit on, in …
  • I’m always evaluating life

    I’m always evaluating life

    There's something strange about the idea of being supervised or watched that changes the way we react. Apparently this is …
  • It makes me smile. Related posts: Pride is stealing the feeling of anticipated smiles. Oh oh. I’ve cut the rice …
  • I’m sad I can’t trust

    I’m sad I can’t trust

    I understand a bit about life. I understand that the world as I know it, runs pretty much on the …
  • A new game show

    A new game show

    My new idea, created through a combination of sleep depervation, and strong edibles. I have within my easy and free …


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