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  • Sad Monday

    Sad Monday

    I had a molly Sunday and now I’m having a sad Monday¬† reflections of my new life, hidden in another …
  • I bumped my mood.

    I bumped my mood.

    A Thursday. At this point in my story, I’m snorting an amount that is slightly more than I have lied …
  • Snapchat Filter Gallery

    Snapchat Filter Gallery

    I will admit it. I am a childish immature man when it comes to funny faces and Snapchat filters.
  • The in-between mood

    The in-between mood

    The drugs have different levels depending on whether I took too little or too much. It’s never the ideal point …
  • If I could work like I write.

    If I could work like I write.

    One of the things I like about myself is how easily I’ve been able to write. It started out of …


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