Bad Mood. Bad Keyboard. Bad Jeff

This one is hard to read.  Literally. Tonight i was beeping a lot. My room mate situation is still a story to be told, but its about to be upstaged. I am afraid of the rage of a oroud, stubborn…

This one is hard to read.  Literally.

Tonight i was beeping a lot. My room mate situation is still a story to be told, but its about to be upstaged.

I am afraid of the rage of a oroud, stubborn i told you so and i trusted you and you fucked mevyetvagain.

I made my story solash bad repercusions on otgers for no faircreason. It was the actions of a mind that tells everyone he can feel our emotions but…

Am i feeding off . No thats nit my story. Im just ignirant to any effect i have because i lose … Nod


Oh. 22 came back and i am already confused. I love to find myself here, now and i adapt. But if i have any nitice, then i havevtime to create the scenarios in my imagination. Like in a courtroom, the onevtasked with using valuable fairness laws to allow guilty oeople to not have concequences.

Legal systems were just an idea somebody said yes to, and nody wanted to say no to

Pause to shut off that … Breath. Its not #angerwirthy, its funny. Once you can see how hilariius most anger and range is, you can change the stiry. When somebody honks. Oh my god.

I wasvtyoing horn and onevis goingboff either in my head or hearing range. Is itvreal or tgevfirst if those noises im supposed to imagine.

I think its in my head but it was the siubd i was aboutvto type.

Anyone who is on their horn for mire than 2 seconds orctgreectaps is more angry than he needs to be he is using loudness to make a ooint even he us nit fully aware of.

I have seen grown men in suits ready to throw their glives across tge face of the 30 somehing nervous overcautiius driver. Once we name something, everything close s lumoed.

Its ok to do this if im not first. Nobody feels guilty for wakkibg on a nice path. I was walking on the frass making sure you saw me by the sign. Maybe take one oucture if ut every two years and wait up to a month to see if it came iut.

Men are rude and superior because we all say its a thibg. You cant prove it isnt but most men have had susouciobs at least sonectimes you over act.

Im not saying me, but me. Because given the time between dustractions, i fan fiction all the relationshipsci meet.

From the first smile that conbects us i do my best to keep you happy witgout, or with minimal interuotiobs, incinviencues, adhutation or annoyance.

I feel kike i broke a bond every time i say im sorry some dats i say im sorry more than

I say im sorry morevthan an american oretending ti ve a canadian in oaris to comeback from the first imoression meeting where they stole your cab from to road entry and laughed as they drove to the opening if thecrestaurant you own, and invited me to that very monent.

You sure do dress up well. Did you get a fox mid day makeover just for this gurilla jiurnakism reaction shot?

Loop close. There iscnobway america is always even closer to 50 50 than the final roubd of the newkywed game. That game would be an anger trigger if i let it be. The usa has to believe its always realky close. Your team almost won. So close the actual vites wiukd have faviyred lead exoected win.

If you tell the losers itcwas close, they have hopethey can blame, compkain and then get 50 new cinverts to like your name. You win next time and ut loops.its really the only way a country of clearky ununited states can survive, especially given it was founded by whiners .. stop. Kidding.

Its baston. I meant whiiiiiiners. One of my favourite daryl stirues is about the whiner family.

If you think about politics from the origin stiry angle, its impossible to know but i can imagine first the story where early gatherings ill always call community. Early ones i could imagine were dictatirships before it needed a word. Before choice less things need to be named.

The best way to be king is to say you are, kill anyone who knows youre not, and enter a new town. Concoer and be king with your mandatiry chikdren fir 400 years

Pause. Keyboard fix. Sleep.