Drugs are like virginity
Drugs are like virginity. It changes you and yoou’ll never think about things the same way. The reason weed may never be legal, like gum or booze, is that it changes you. \There is a number. A percentage of brain types, probably not identified, that it really changes. Creativity, ex[pression, art, taste can all be… Read More »

Drugs are like virginity

Drugs are like virginity.

It changes you and yoou’ll never think about things the same way.

The reason weed may never be legal, like gum or booze, is that it changes you.

\There is a number. A percentage of brain types, probably not identified, that it really changes. Creativity, ex[pression, art, taste can all be enhanced in a way you can never forget.

For me, I can write for 4 hours on weed, and can’t finish a 140 chatractrer tweet with satisfaction when not high on weed.

I know a lot of potheads. People who have, or do some weed every day or at least regularly.

The ones we call poitheads are a stereotype that fits the bill for one percentage. People who never find a job, whether it be for legit or excuse based reasons… a lot of potheads become artists or beggars or criminals – because they can’t work.

And it’s real.

Now I must confess that I didn’t know most of these potheads before they started. I don’t know if they would have been hippies first, and smoked weed, or whether smoking weed changed them this way.

But I do know quite a few, and they’re all alike with regards to weed.

I have hung out with pitheads both high and not. They’re far more interesting high…

I won’t generalize and say I don’t respect piotheads, because they range in every way… except they don’t have a day job, and they smoke a lot of weed with pride rather than shame.

It becomes a life choice, and the lucky ones find alternative incomes like welfare, insurance, lottery, bumming off parehnts or dealing.

|Dealing isn’t quite as bad as other quick money criomes.

I get it.

I do.

Drugs have allowed me to slouch incdreasingly, and not progress.

Odo’s daughter in some cop show I saw, told me our maturity stops growing when we are no longer a drug virgin. Like a stopped clock, we stay at that maturity level until we stop. I can see this.

As an observer of the mind, and a user of drugs, I can imagine how others give in to the will, and re-use. I understand addiction and depandance. I remember the times when I could not think of anything else, than how to get drugs, or more drugs.

Aside: I do drugs alone mostly, exagurating my emotions so that I can better exemine them. I try my best to not do things I think will kill me, or my mother if she heard.

My line to never cross is much higher than most, but has a no-try list of the big ones.

However, lines are snortable, and I raised my own line a number of times.

If I was social, would I do more drugs? Parties, raves, pressure… I don’t know why more kids don’t do drugs.


That’s the problem. If we make mit legal, more kids WILL try. Young.

If you weed up a brain before it’s matured and learned, you seem to break that part of the brain that wants to be excited by new, and replaces it with a craving for the feeling of blur, like last time.

You not only change him forever, you break him.

Sone kids will succedd. They don’t need or like the buzz. They like life as-is.

It was a negative experience, but for a lot – it was a glimmer of change. Change is good. You thought different. You learned you COULD think different.

I know I did.

I have invented a great many things and ideas and philosophies under the influence of weed. Although capable of such thoughts, I can say with confidence I would not have thought up most of them – ever, without weed… because I don’t like an idle mind. It more often wanders to the negative than the positive.

On weed, I never thought about me. I thought about the wrld, and the universe, and science.

I keep to myself, but it excites me to write, on weed. My low self esteem is sleeping while I write… mostly.

Imagine fior just a moment, how a really smart kid could be blown away by a creative expansion to his scientifuic, maybe nerdyt mind.

Hell, I figured out a lot of the universe on weed. Imagine if I’d rad a book or had some background.

That is scary to the Government. They like to know about and control the smart creative people.

The world is changing however. Smart minds can get ahead without being famous or rich. The Internet is equalizing class, and letting people sell themselves.

Weed changes that.

Soon, anyone will have the ability to become famous on merit, not bikini line and dimples.

I have said many tyimes;\

The reason weed is illegal, is because conspiracy theories make sense.

A nation of creative thinking people, that don’t want to work is happening already. The Internet has created a new class-out tool to join lotteries, dance, music and acting… Oh, and sprts. All ways to gte out of where you are, and win.

The internet can be an income.

\Sadly, that’s why it’s also the best tool for fraud and evil misleading.

In my worls, the worst crimes of all, are crimes against public or personal trust.

Trust should be saved at all costs.

A world with trust succeeds. A world without trust, is destroyed.

Each year, we lose a little more. Internet contests and chat partrner fraud is huge. It bascically has destroyed trust for many.

I’m terrified of a new romance being fake.

When a computer tells you the match is good, it probably isn’t.

[excuse to not date bukllshit detector]


Ok, so lets scenario a story where weed is legal, and sold in varieties everywhere, like Coldorado does now.

You have a weed card a doctor issues, but it doesn’t have to be medicinal.

Everyone will be asked; do you want to try this?

Peer pressure and/or ultiumate curiosity will break most people. Even today, a lot of people may admit to at leats trying it once, in high school or colledge.

So all the upper class, religious or well brought up kids will be trying it in the back next to every other demographic. All the people who said NO because it was illegal and they were snmart enough to know the laws are crazy and one puff could land them in prison or at least all future hope taken away. It is common in the \USA that jail times Is given to people regularkly for possetion.

And everyone knows the pics and/or video will be saved forever, and sold if you wante dtoi become the president.

You can’t get high in secret easily, and you can’t rsk getting caught. Smart kids who may be curious, buit understood it was just one of those bad things.

They refrain.

However if there was no bad –image reputation destroyting illegal stigma attached to it, many of thoise kids would try it. Maybe not today because they were brought up with it illegal, but a new generation that never evenb knew it was illegal.

It’s just not alcohol.

And for some, it will give them a wild brain trip of thoughts.

End of part 1. Good toke July 19th, before my stomach problems were diagnosed.

(actually written that way, so if future readers know I’m sick now, this was not an error. I have no idea if I have a stomach ache or cancer or some other old man’s irritating condition.

I am alone.

I don’t think about that.

On weed, I literally don’t think about that.

I have made a pact with myself. I do not want to be a poithead. I could be, and not much would change. My income is alrteadyt mostly from outrside sources I do little work for,

If I could trust myself on the phone, I could see it.

But I choosenot to, and mentally regulate my drug usage to occasional status, and frequently go konths on a break.

These are never as long as they used to be.

Weed has become a part of my life, in a regular cycle. I do write on weed, and through writing, take the time to thinmk about things, and life.

I jkornalize to a diary I have pride in, secret to ever yone.

Even me.

But I don;y do it on weed. At least for the last 20 years.

27 is my personal matuirity date, which I think is why I am alive.

I started late. Already stunted developmentally, I was a virgin of everything.

Drink wasn’t it for me, and I gave it up after only two years or trying.

Weed wasn’t it either. I felt stupoiod and talked stupid and never accomplkiehd anything discussed. It wasn’t right.

It was only later I dioscovered it made me write.

It will be intereting to me to read those notes one day before I die.


–sad moment. I’m alone.


Ok… where were we?

I think I was done.

End of part 1.

UNPAUSE Mthybusters square wheel episode.

Side sadness: when I do think about m,y life, it boggles me so fast I overflow and stop. It is possible I will become sick, alone. I could be sick. Kidney, liver likely, whatever. Anything.

I have to go for tests this week.


That’s why on weed, I watch mytrhbusters and pause to ramble here. I thought I could imagine a world where everyone might experience this after work, like some drink a beer or wine each night now.

I can’t.

End of part 1.

Part two written elsewhere. See: atom think rope saw.

End of part 2.



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