Although I enjoy the drug chat rooms, they are probably bad for me. They keep me active and wanting to be high more, to belong and avoid any suspicion that I project on them. I’m not typical so I feel I might be feared as an under over.
I say stupid things sometimes. Frequently

When I’m not saying something stupid I’m sayi g things that make sense to be, bit when interpreted by the audience of 20 to 35 year 9kds is either confusing or stupid.

I am not certain if my public first or second impression. I’ve learned to accept I can only be me and hope it’s accepted. I am a character. S story. People will form their own story about me and I have to
Me to believe it will usually be positive. However, in the cases when my stupid comments build a negative image, I’m ok with that too I don’t need to be liked by everyone anymore. It’s nice but no longer a mandatory obsession. I used to want to be best friends or nothing. I’ve fivorsed friends when they bumped me to #2.

I’m rebuilding friends with this new attitude. I’m just me. Funny punchline guy. I’ve also started flirting but like everything else in life, when I’m new to it,Nintendo to oversteer and go too far. I’ll get better as I practice. Since I’m flirting with people I oervuebe no chance with, I don’t feel bad fsiling. I’m never mean or rude, at least not intentionally

I may not be for you, but I like to believe I’m interesting enough to want to know more.

I’m shaharizad. I grow on you if you don’t chop my head off first.

Others don’t have to grow on me. If we click, I fall in love, and then future interactions continue until I find deal breaker. Not many things are for me

How do you treat anger and frustration.
How do you treat me when I’m the cause of such
How do you handle being wrong

If you don’t yell at me, we’re pretty much golden and if I bond with you, I’ll make your happiness my priority. I like life shared . It gives me a purpose.

I live for your smile.
This is my stop

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