I’m on a train. I didn’t pay to be here. I didn’t see how. I made an assumption there would be a method of payment as I entered, as there always is on transit. I have a Orestic card. I checked the rate. But I don’t see any here. This means I either rude free, which was not my intent, or some man in a uniform walks through the cabin asking for tickets, and I don’t have one, so I get fined some suitable crazy amount.

I’m uncertain whether I would have to pay it now, or be thrown off. That would be kind of horrible, so I hope the universe is good to me today. The last thing I need is more debt. It might even involve more embarrassing conciquencrs. I would miss the meeting I’m on this train to attend.

I now seem to be going the wrong way, although I suppose it’s me that got turned around. That would have been worse. I am now heading east. With hope of luck in my heart. Let it be know I wanted to pay. I made budget arrangements to pay. I was on the train before the option appeared.

In a way, I am curious because if I don’t get fined, then I can imagine on my head how many people risk the free trip often. The gone must be significant to deter, which should mean they check frequently. I can only hope for this being a lower priority route or a friendly ticket agent.

I’d like to talk my way out of the gigantic fan if I can pay a lesser fee close to the ticket price.

It’s a nice soft quiet ride.

He’s coming.

We’ll see how this goes.

That might have been an amazing stroke of luck. Or not. We’ll see. The fine is only $100, which is manageable. But the officer was called away one seat away from me. He is off the train. The man in the seat back from me was in my position. No payment, a non working Presto card and no actual ID. St this time, I have no ID on me. And my wallet is not on me, and this morning my Presto card isn’t showing the balance I put on it, despite showing full in the app.

Of course there is a chance another officer will board and start where he left off. But I feel confident that I got a break. A scare, and a break. I overheard there is a zero tolerance policy so the $100 fine would be charged. I was ready. I’m still reafy should it happen, but it looks like the man behind me was enough profit for the day.

It would be rude to thank him I suppose. I’ll thank the universe instead.

I have only two more stops to clear.


In other news, everything else sucks.

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