I’m enjoying life despite the empenfing doom. I’m having fun. Making friends and being me. Awkward and odd in all my glory. I’m saying dumb sjit and apologizing and nobody seems to hate me. They forgive and move on.

Ironically these new friends are all from a community I should be avoiding. The drug user community. Stoners

I never really had many stoner friends, despite being pretty active user in secret firost if my life. When my stoner ways becameore public a few years back, I lost friends
Now I’m being open about it and finding new friends to smile with, at least as online friends. A new discover in Kik. A Canadian chat tool that works a little different than others. I found a few good groups, all with real local Torontonians in my time zone with shared interests.

I’ve ways loved chatting about drugs. It’s a topic I’m well versed on both in experience and through reading. The alt.drugs newsgroups were the first things I used the internet for even before the invention of the web.

Modem based BBS access through the PunterNet let me read all the drug FAQ files right from the days even before I tried anything

I’ve never successfully been a chatroom guy till now. I’ve certainly been aware of them, and knew a few people who lived in chat rooms. All the way back to IRC and ICQ. I tried a few times, but in the days before my confident rebirth, I never really knew how to jump in and find a place in what always seemed to be tight knit communities

Everybody knew everybody and I interpreted the mood as cold towards me. I realize now that was more a me problem than a chatroom problem. The closest I came to finding that kind of friendly group was the Bad Wolves room on Yinychst. That is a video chat room and my first exposure to drug users using drugs and chatting high.

Sadly, I wasn’t a regular there when I wasn’t high or didn’t feel like bring on camera. I stopped using it

Second Life has been a fun place to hang out and build my new personality based on confidence. Humour and a love for being high, but it doesn’t really have that community feeling if regulars because of time zones and infrequent members. 90% of my friends don’t show up online after a month or two.

I’d been a member of Kik for years since I like to check out the new apps as a support expert. But never really liked it. Some article about the changes in the way it handled group chats inspired me to look again. Also, Craig’s list stopped promoting drug sales in the personals so I needed a new contact.

I found Toronto stoners and #torontodrugs and I’ve been hooked ever since. As I write this, I’m actually on a bus headed to make another buy from one such contact.

I’m now one of those people that knows everyone by name but I’m also the unofficial greeter and I do my best to interact with the newcommers and be helpful. I’m also confident in my humour and chat abilities do I feel at home. I check Kik all day.

As a chat tool. It’s a little different than others. It’s text chat anonymously but it’s not always active. It has less than 60 active users and chats can span hours. You can look back at the scroll when you arrive and catch up. Or start fresh.

I like it. I’ve met quite a few people in person and they’ve met many others. A community of trust and face to face fist bumps is a new idea to me and a great place to find drugs… At least until it’s not.

This is my stop.
Next time you read me. It’ll be a post from Orange Jeff… While high.

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