I’m so sleepy. I’m yawning every few minutes and I want to just shut my eyes and sleep. I suppose this is a side effect from taking drugs that keep me awake. That’s how they get you. I didn’t really feel withdrawal symptoms or cravings when I stopping taking it. I just didn’t want to put up with a week or two worth of sleeping unproductive days. So here I am, riding the subway downtown to re-up and be awake again

To be awake for my birthday celebrations. To be awake for my work duties

I completely ignore the fact that I was awake last week and I still fell behind on my duties. I always forget what I’m like when I’m high. The two mindsets are fairly ignorant of the other. My sober mind and my high mind don’t communicate. In fact, I’m often surprised when I transition from one to the other.

It is my goal to be productive so I have to be careful. Too much and I want to play. Last week I went into an obsession and spent the entire trip living on my alternate universe. I should have been making web sites. This weekend the plan is to complete some website productivity. I don’t have THC this time, do that may help.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’d like to be alert for it.

We’ll see how it goes.

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