Dwight then hot noc6
Stoner investing
Tv network.

The orange logo is a blunt hot spot

Offer it on world and 420 community

Idea.foreigh money may want presence.
Indian stoner channels co-release.
Hit every language to contribute and the network can be world wide.

Acid art channel
Distorted or edited content zoomed at differ6 drugs.

24 7hosyed shows live or on tape.
A 100 percent user-created network in both universe bit at first in SL.

Watch or participate

Replaces YouTube for one single specialty. Things that can be on at any time of day or night world wide and have a live funny person host clip or entertainment in the form of a tv style.

You can make your own commercials if sell to other members.

Best of all. Writers rooms can create content, good or bad, and anyone can option a script.

I say writers rooms to lessen the possibility of people submitted other works.

However, I bet the right team could pitch the concept I e wanted for decades.

Studios should sell or lease the scripts and rights to perform them as a community theatre group or school theatre dept.

I have been doing this on the first step for 30 years.

Rin community TV stations are responsible for at least news recap.

Once you have a network of people making shows that draw any attention and investments might turn corporate but only within their station.

The stoner channel has updated frequently. But not repeated.

Ed the sock.

I could be using gramerly.

Maybe Google docs is way better idea.


Also. The whole thing could also optionally work with a free or cheap vr adapter.

Test be with joystick.

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