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KIK chat group website


Access to this website from Canada only.

This page was created to introduce a the idea of a blog that can be shared by thge people of the KiK chat groups #drugstoronto and #drugscanada

If you would like to bog here, free of charge under an anonymous alias about your drug stories, let me know. Currently thisiis just a page off my own blog, but if the idea is soli, I\ll make a propper stand alone site.

It could be a full Facebook-style social media board for people who don’t share their high life on Facebook… or just a place to post blogs under an alias.

Of course, this is my job, so I have other ideas as well… and web hosting/design deals for friends.

Some things and words are #shareworthy but not on Facebook or the main sites.  Here, I blog about why whole life, crack, meth, heroin and all.


I’m high and on the advice of my therapist psyciatrist, I’m trying something new. This is a sample blog, looking for hobby help. Want toi know more? Sorry… you may have to read my ramble before I get to the point. I\m looking for a few new friends to create a new community project. I’m a pretty smart crazy person. I blog when I smoke weed. This is an example. The rest of the site is much worse. (grin)

I’m sharing my blog to a new group. I’m reaching out. I’m asking.

I’m doing something. A stoners dream… to actually begin and proceed and continue with something thought uyp while high, instead of the norm, of forgetting all about it within an hour or two.

I’m all about STONER POWER and most of my project ideas circle around that special group of people would would rather be high all the time, if they can figure out how to pay to rent. It’s a new world, especially in Canada as we get used to our first tastes of a legalized high. Stoners want an income that doesn’t actually have to be a job.

I do too. I blog in text or on video when I smoke weed. That usually turns into 4 new blog binges a month. My emotions go through a full stage of excitement, pride, arrogance, shame, guilt and then I don’t publish the blog… or I make it private.

I want to be useful.

My story is one I believe is a good one. I’m a good stoiry teller and teacher. People like me, and only recently I’ve started to understand what that means, and that I am a charcater. I began to work on being a story. A cool old hippy stoner with almost no social skills, and yet, seemingly filled with social skills.

My story has surprises along the way, and a wealth of experiences, philosophies and twists you won’t see coming.

The problem I have, is that I don’t quite know how to overcome the emotional thing in my brain that still doesn’t believe it. The second voice that interupts my joy with nitpicking bits of realization that make me belkieve; I might be a freak. I might not be anything at all. LOts of people think they’re better than they are.

The William HUng theory, is that without sharing, you can believe anything you want. I am perfect in my head, and finding ouyt I’m not could be devistating… so I don’t share very often.

It’s irononic, because I share everything. I oversahre. I tell the truth about all my stories, troubles, and gang auctions I’ve been involved in. I opening make myself available for chat and/or questions 24/7 from my web p[resence.

I even let you annoy me at 4am while I’m asleep, but turning on my lava lamps if you so desire.

I can’t do it alone. My particuklar brain chemestry has been conditioned to react a certain way. I’m working on it, but at this time, I can not get work done, unless it ius a reaction to a request, and constant interaction to keep me on track.

One change in this direction has been to increase the ways I am in conmtact with other people. I use the alias Orange Jeff when I\m high, or when talking about beng high. I don’t hide the affiliation, but I like the seperation.

I joined KIK. It’s a chatroom that is different than any I’d been to before. It was a new place to communicate about drugs again. There are less than you might imagine. Kik remains anonymous if you wish. Although I have not said who I am, it’s not hard for nytone to find out.

Especially now, since I posted this.

I’m thinking of creating a lot of things, and I just happen to be capable of doing them all free. I won a web hosting and design company. I can literally create an entire business website and have it online… free.

So I have some ideas. The market to sell to legally stoned people is groiwing but most of my ideas are not just products, but compl;ete earning usiness ideas. All I need are partners that either don’t have A.\DD too, or that are still functioning start/finish type people. I don’t want 10 people day 1, 6 people day 2 and nobodyt day 3.

Because I will be the first to quit without support.

I’m not offering a job, or even money. I am asking to chat with people who might be interested in a part time project from the ground floor for one of my ideas. In exchange, we can do one of yours too.  I’m looking for somebody who can just keep interacting with me and motivate me to show progress once every week or so.

(toked again)

Some of my ideas coulds be gigantic multi million dollar ideas if handled well, but most start small and could grow with word of mouth.

If stoners like some of them, that can be  afast market to hit still.

This page was created to introduce a blog that can be shared by thge people of the KiK chat groups #drugstoronto and #drugscanada

It might be ignored, but my idea is, some things are #shareworthy and I don’t show my OrangeJef high side in my public online world enough, but I do blog about why whole life, crack, meth, heroin and all.

I speak weel. Cold read well. I am high energy and all smiles. I am, in many ways a very great friend to know. Odd in a good way.


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