Seeking girlfriend. Flexible hours. Could lead to full partnership.

I am lost. I never learned to live like a normal adult. I never lived alone. I don’t like it. I’m bad at it. I believe I’m pretty good at being a boyfriend. I enjoy it.

I’m a polite, respectful, well spoken 55 year old that is funny and enjoys doing things with someone special. I like learning new favourite things although sometimes you have to ask me a few times. life as a spectator and source of conversation. I can debate without anger and accept different opinions. I’m hoping to find a partner who is smart enough to be right most of the time without the need to be right all of the time. I do my best to never shout or yell in anger. the process of adapting to a new dynamic is something I do well.

I laugh as often as I can, and frequently when I see other people’s anger. I find road range hilarious.

Alone, I am none of these things. It may take more than a first date to recognize this past my awkwardness.

That’s my weakness. I don’t evoke passion. I don’t spark. I don’t know how to make a move. I don’t understand the social cues. I seem uninterested when really I’m desperate to just say yes and begin a happy companionship.

If you take the lead at first, I’ll warm up and be an excellent friend and companion.

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