I did a few things I don’t usually do . I started new tasks and set forth …

I stalled doing real things, but I did feel productive.

I had been enjoying alternative TV programming, using an old Android TV Nexus box and it’s been great. This week, I switched to a new system. It was “new”. 

I can now blog and watch TV and hang out ok KiK. I can even have Orange Jeff here from the alternate universe.

I keep doing that to myself, in infinite loops of feeling good about ideas, while high, and bad about life, when sober.

That is significant, and therapy to see it in print in front of me. I’m not sure its true.

Bam. Realization light bulbs go off. I like being high. I know that is a totally stupid thing to say at this point, but it hit me on a deeper level.

Maybe I just like this weed. 

I made an offer to another small group again today and it went pretty much as expected. No nibbles. 

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