It occurs to me as I write this, it could be used against me in a court of law.

Pause 1:06:19

I am watching this on my Plex.A fresh new release that I’ve been warned about twice, and yet I don’t “do the thing” that would make it a safer illegal act. A better criminal. 

I should. I could. I don’t.

It’s not exactly that I want to get caught, but I don’t want to deny that I’m doing it. With knoweldge and awareness.

Is that stupid? Maybe, but I do a lot of stupid things and have recently come to understand that it’s a part of who I am. I do like the person I am today, at least I think I do after I smoke, even the smallest amount of weed.

I have created a philosophy and understanding of just enough to be fascinated and excited about life, almost all the time

At least when I think about it on weed.

This past two weeks I have not even thought once about getting high every night and blogging.

Or at least getting high on weed. I wasn’t always productive.

It’s been a weird week or five and now that I discovered this new brand of generic is missing the key ingredient that worked.

I’ve been sleeping. I’ve conditioned myself to not do work, unless it’s a reaction to a customer. I work for the reward of praise above all. I have work I could be doing, but since nobody is complaining, I get to ignore everything.

and smoke a little bit of weed.

One of my favourite pieces of advice I ever gave out, was to a teenager who had born witness to my active drug use.

He asked me my opinion on weed.

My answer was the kind of cryptic wisdom that nobody understands until it happened, and then you go;  Oooooooooh. I said; Ithink weed is a great enhancement to a thing. Unforntuantly, there is a tendancy to make weed “the thing” and then it can replace all the other things, and thats bad.

I did not say that. That was my fingers typing a thought, but I did not say that. It was worse.

Weed is great when adding to a thing

Make sure you have a thing before you use weed, or it becomes the thing.

I stand by that idea, even if nobody understands what I mean. It was lousy advice to a teen, but an awesome quote for a word burned sign, or a Facebook image on a flowery background.

Better yet, on a stoner background.

*ding. #stoneridea

8:30pm on a Saturady. I did almost nothing except watching the live action Charlotte’s Web and an hour of John Wick 3.

Have I forgotten the plot? Hell, I don’t know if I ever knew the plot, but he’s not dead yet.

I did notice they probably couldn’t camoflage the dog jackets for the attacks. They were all real, and identical to the videos of overly fat looking men waddeling around before the dog bites.

Check out videos of absolitly every morning show in America at some point.

End of Paert 1.


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