5.46 minutes in. Journey 2 Mysterious Island. Pause.

A cute pun in the name.
The first scene, kid breaking major laws. Is it an old person of me to think that’s bad. The thought makes me ponder the significance of this thought.

Movies are filled with murder and violence in the scripts. But a teenage boy doing something that many people will trigger on because a motorcycle crossing under the barrier on a set of open tracks will be their reason for their loss.

The part that I paused on was a throwaway fact that will almost certainly be a pivotal point in the future. Morse code in words. Two syllables for dash.

I ponder how easy it would be to compose a regular letter using only the syllables in the translation.

Even if not used in upcoming story, it was a neat code idea that people might learn from or use. I suspect I will forget it, until such time as that fact seems appropriate to share.

A factoid virus. An elephant can’t jump. A factoid bit of info that makes you think. One you may re-use to others as it spreads. I then like to add a bonus fact. It’s because it’s the only animal with four knees.

Often this Sparks at least a starter conversation because most people can visualize what an elephant looks like but not initially visualize and other four-leg animals. All the others have knees and elbows, although that’s probably got its own name. The elephant is > > and everything else is < >

What was I watching again?

Oh yeah. A family movie with The Rock. No, not Jumanji, the other one.

Unpause. No. Maybe sleep try.
End if part 2.

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