I’m on the subway a bit later than usual. It’s almost been as I make my way downtown for my office duties and paycheck. I didn’t have chocolate this morning and the pop tart breakfast wasn’t effective and clearing that bad mouth feeling. I don’t have much cash but I think I can manage a donut. It’s 2009 and I think they’re still under a dollar for the basic ones. Probably the cheapest palette cleaner before I have to breathe near my clients.

I’ve been negative this past week, trying out another funds-based break from my prescription. Today was the first focus pill I’ve had since last weekend.

I like the fall, mostly. The weather outside is more tolerable, although sometimes it means people don’t use the air conditioning and indoors gets a bit sticky. The bus ride was very humid. I’m in the subway now and it’s a pleasant cool.

This weather also triggers my ability to remember much cooler dreams. I only figured this out in the past few years, thanks greatly to Facebook showing me posts from previous years each day. I post about my cool dreams, as much for me as for my followers. It’s neat to see how they start within days or weeks of each other in previous years.

I feel sad when others remark they don’t ever remember their dreams. I’ve had so much fun with mine since I was about 7 and mother told me I should practise remembering them. While I may not understand them individually, they often carry a theme over time. My favourite example is my story of how I learned to fly. It’s a continuous story from my youth that has evolved and continues to evolve today.

I’ve been quite reflective since my last therapy session and enjoy those epiphany realization lightbulb moments when I figure out another piece of my universe puzzle. The more I learn about myself, the more I understand about others.

Often enough, the realizations seem so obvious after the fact, but I’m oblivious to so much, it’s actually a bit exciting when a new thought triggers understanding.

I’m not sure how or why. But this week I figured out something new, and more lightbulbs lit my understanding. If other people are like me, things make sense that yesterday didn’t. I may be different in many ways, but understand that I’m alike in crucial or subtle ways had allowed me to forgive frustrations and understand why people react in a different way than I initially expect.

Extroverts and introverts share a lot more than we might assume.

This is my stop.
End if part 1.

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